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Fox News Network Defimation Trial. A Win Win for America.

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cause the rat:
Even if Fox wins the trial.

What the prosecution will have to prove is Fox news network did harm to Dominion by lying about the election results. What they have as proof are emails and actual statements from members of management and employees stating they knew they were lying. They also have statements from former Fox news network employees who quite their jobs over the election propaganda. Prosecution also has facts about threats to Dominion employees after fox stated the voting machines were rigged. Prosecution also has the fact that Fox has already lost their first defamation lawsuit for causing harm to an individual.

Prosecution has been barred from using the Jan 6 riot as evidence. Leaving way for additional lawsuits that can be taken against Fox News Network for their possible roll in the riot. What does a new case against fox news network have? Testimony from already convicted rioters.

Fox news networks defense. They have the right to lie. Fox news network is an entertainment network. Yes they have a news program. They have the same billing as Saturday Night Live. What their audience is watching is an act. What their audience takes away from this act is up to the audience. This is a very week defense. What they are saying We know we were lying. This is an act. We shouldn't be held responsible if people took us seriously.  Let's look at a well known historical reference. The radio broadcast of 'War of the Worlds'. People committed suicide because of this radio play. Why wasn't the station legally charged. Because there were repeated announcements that it was a play made throughout the performance. Fox news  network repeatedly told their audience they were telling the truth.

How is this a win for America if Fox news network wins this lawsuit? How would you feel knowing you lost friends because someone lied to you. Strung you along for months.

cause the rat:
Fox new network keeps shooting themselves in the foot. It's bad enough they have to publicly admit to being nothing more than a scripted act. Now they are in trouble for withholding evidence.  Look kids, if all you have is the right to lie as your defense don't make it any worst.

cause the rat:
Fox news network lost. They admitted publicly their entire coverage of the 2020 election was a lie. Every show. Every guest. Lying.

Time for people to start healing.
It's OK to believe what someone tells you.
It's OK to trust what you hear.
You did nothing wrong.

cause the rat:
Remember the 'My Pillow' guys proof of China's steeling the election. How he offered $5000000 to the first person who could prove him wrong. He's been ordered by a judge to do just that. Pay the first person who proved he was wrong. Unfortunately the rest of the people who proved my pillow guy was wrong will have to do without. After all 'My Pillow' guy didn't say anyone. Just the first.

Fox news troubles are far from over. There is two more companies that make voting machines and they both have suits against them. It's not a long shot to say Fox news network is going to be paying out hundreds of millions. Then there's the guests that were on Fox news network helping to spread the lies. And then there's Trump himself.

cause the rat:
Tucker Carlson fired from Fox news network. Well what do you know. Scapegoat? Best at reading the scripts? Best at acting? Most popular host of the network? Yep. Scapegoat. Despite the fact that every show on that network spread election lies like suntan lotion at a nudist colony. They have to make it look good. Get rid of the most popular 'spreader' and make it all sound as if it was his fault. His fault because he was the best at acting and reading the scrips he was handed.  Fired for being the best at what he did. Fox news network. Despicable.


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