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You know you are Furry........

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I know the list has been going around on the Internet , but I thought of another while order a double espresso.

While making an order at Starbucks you use your fursona name rather than your real name.

You know you are furry when...........

* The amount of fursuits you own exceeds the amount of regular clothes you own.
* You pay more attention to the plushies you own rather than your own real pets you have.

Dark Nation:
You know you're a (Stereotypical) furry when;

1: You spend a crazy amount of money on an animal suit.
2: You spend a crazy amount of time MAKING an animal suit.
3: When you have furries at your house everyone sleeps in a big pile of duvets and pillows in the middle of your living room.
4: You draw Anthropomorphic versions of yourself.
5: You bark/meow at your dog/cat.
6: You are addicted to DDR.

Twizler the skunk:
You know your furry when your collar cost more than your dogs  

You know you're furry when...
Your family calls you the "missing link" due to all of the hair on your body.

Oh wait, this was for you know you're A furry when...

you lap your drinks out of a bowl instead of drinking from a cup


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