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You know you are Furry........

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When you

- Can carry on long and in depth conversations with your pets.. in their language
- Can look at your pet and know exactly what they're thinking
- Become aware of phantom limbs when you're not even thinking about 'em
- Spent more of your childhood acting like an animal than a kid

You know you are furry when.. hmm  heh  when  you  nip someone  who is  trying to sneak  a piece  of  sushi away from your  plate  then....growl  making the sushi chef  very confuzzled.....

1( When you wear a tail so you can feel more comfortable...
2( When you have the habit of twisting your bum so that your tail gets out of the way...even if your not wearing it...
3( When you have the strange urge to pounce anything in sight...
4( When you hide from the strange person in the mirror only to find out that its just you...
5( When you assotiate with people who's name wouldn't make sense in any other place...
6( When you consider getting hugs from lions, tigers, and bears a completely normal thing...
7( Whenever you see a arrow you have to step in the direction its pointing...
8( When asked to sit down you sit down...on the floor
9( When you call other people wierd you get really strange looks for some reason...
10( When you feel really bad for cracking a egg, stepping on a ant hill, hitting people with your tail while walking up the stairs and then appologizing...only to realise you're not wearing it...
11( When you hate elevators...

1) Your middle name is "The."

2) DJ Format is your favorite rapper (even though you only know one song)

3) You love CSI: New York and CSI: Miami, but despise CSI: Las Vegas.

4) You habitually refrain from using the words 'something' and 'awful' in the same sentence.

5) Whenever you show off your wedding photos, people frequently ask which one is you (*winks at P.P.*)

6) You remember a time when 2 the Ranting Gryphon wasn't funny.

7) You reserved your copy of Kaze: Ghost Warrior before the release date.

8) You didn't cry for Aeris as much as you did for Cait Sith #1.

9) You lit a candle for the Christmas Kangaroo.

Twizler the skunk:
Quote 1) Your middle name is "The."     *looks around*  


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