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Something that I found long ago on LJ and thought all the artists here would find very useful. ;)

Artist and Buyer Guides - How Not to Get Burned.

The Business of Being an Artist.
While the book mostly talks about non-furry artwork and trying to sell art and get recognised, It looks like a lot of stuff mentioned in the Contents might benefit furry artists as well. Might be worth taking a look into at your next trip to the bookstore. ;)

Thanks for posting this! I read the whole LJ entry and it was very helpful. When I get time, I'm going to write up a terms of service.

From time to time, people ask "How do you draw this" and "How do you draw that" topics. I thought I'd take some time out and share some titles of books I've had in my possesion that might help fellow furs out with their artwork. ;) Check your nearest bookstore, library, or Amazon.com for them.

"How to Draw Cartoon Animals" by Christopher Hart.
Copyright 1995
Published by Watson-Guptill Publications
ISBN: 0-8230-2360-5
Price: $19.95

"Draw Real Animals!" by Lee Hammond
Copyright 1996
ISBN: 0-89134-658-9
Price: $14.99

"How to Draw Animals" by Jack Hamm
Copyright 1969 (More printings have been done since then.)
Published by The Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN: 0-399-50802-3
Price: $9.95

"Freaks!: How to Draw Fantastic Fantasy Creatures" by Steve Miller
Copyright 2004
Published by Watson-Guptill Publications
ISBN: 0-8230-1662-5
Price: $19.95

Wasn't this posted somewhere around here before? Either way, good information!

I recommend it for stickiness :)

 :D Yay! Now I can learn to draw a good version of my fursona!


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