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So, I have a very important art exam (GCSE) on Tuesday, and I will have two full days to complete a 'final project' that links to my sketchbook on the topic of surroundings. I've been focusing on the link between surroundings and their inhabitants, and for the final project I want to focus on surroundings and mental health. I'm doing three panels which have a person and a monster that represents the mental illness, and the idea is that the monster destroys/changes the surroundings, which changes the atmosphere and this reflects on how the person is feeling. The problem is... I'm not entirely sure what mental illness to make the monster represent. Any ideas?

cause the rat:
Alcoholism or any kind of chemical dependent.  Depression can also destroy someone's life as well.

Varg the wanderer:
You could do bi-polar, which isn't always mania or depression, but can be mania and depression(think stepping on the gas and the brakes at the same time).

I like cause's suggestion of addiction, too. I feel very relieved that I do not have to fight that demon. It's one heck of a nasty monster for sure.

PTSD is one that hits close to home for me. You can experience a traumatizing event and not know it has effected you. Personally I have seen some interesting things over the years with work and didn't really know I was effected by these things. I get set off by random things that normal people would not be effected by. For example a movie like Sully for example (miracle of the Hudson) everyone knows the story. I saw this with my wife at the moves. Listening to the survivors statements in the movie, I broke down in the theater and could not hold it together. I had no idea what was wrong. Other things set me off in a similar way and I don't even realize. But on the flip side some things have a complete opposite effect, I was rebuilding a Motorbike last week for someone and ended up braking 3 pull-starts trying to start to motor. I broke out into a fit of rage, completely out of character for me. The rest of the time I am fine back to my normal self. I have seen councilors about it but they are limited in what they can do to help because its a very rare occurrence for me.

I guess its to be expected from 10+ years of service these days.


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