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This thread will be a log to keep members up to date on any rules additions, deletions, amendments, etc. as they pertain to the main Furtopian rules located here:,20851.0.html
........and/or in any of the pinned threads in any of the various forums on Furtopia.

Members who wish clarification on any rules are to PM a Mod or Admin and we will help to answer any questions you have. Thank You.

Added on 8/8/2010 -

--- Quote ---  9 c. - Use of Furtopian logos, name, etc.   Individuals who wish to use either in part, or in whole, the Furtopian name, logo, or any other OFFICIAL Furtopian artwork/images located on the website/forums for items including, but not limited to the following: convention badges, signs, banners, tshirts, etc., must contact a Moderator or Admin and get permission first. You must state what graphics you wish to use, How they will be used, and where they are going to be used. The staff will then review an individual's request and will contact that individual in a timely manner with a response. Any unauthorised use of the Furtopia name, logo, etc. may result in disciplinary measures as determined by staff.
--- End quote ---

Added on 8/9/2010

--- Quote ---16. Banned Subjects - It's very rare that a subject will need to be banned on the forums. However, the following items are currently banned.
a) The subject of hypnosis is banned on Furtopia. Anyone who wishes for further clarification regarding this ban is welcome to PM a mod or admin for details.
b) No posting in black colored text on the forums. Please use the spoiler tag instead which is described here:,39242.0.html

Items that are not necessarily banned, but are highly moderated are: Leet Speak, and Posting in foreign languages. If a member posts in leet speak or a foreign language, they MUST provide a translation.

--- End quote ---

2/4/2011 - Rule # 6 in the main Furtopian rules changed from:

--- Quote ---6. No role-playing. It is permissible to do 'posing' and such in a post if it's helpful to the content of the post, however extended role-play sessions are not permitted except in the gaming forums.
--- End quote ---

New version:

--- Quote ---6. Minor Role-playing is permitted provided it does not disrupt or distract from the original topic.  Large RPs may be moved to a more suitable area if needed at the Staff's discretion.
--- End quote ---

2/6/2011 - Rule 9 a. in the main Furtopian rules has been changed.

Old version:

--- Quote ---9. a. Images in posts can be no wider than 700 pixels. This is usually enough to show all detail, without forcing people to scroll or download huge files. If possible, consider making them even smaller (400 to 500 pixels). If you really need to show a larger image, or if you need to show more than five, post them as links instead.
--- End quote ---

New version:

--- Quote ---9. a. While there is generally no rule to how large pictures can be in a post, Very large pictures are automatically scaled down to 700 x 700 pixels by the forum's settings.
Out of common courtesy, please consider making them even smaller (400 to 600 pixels and/or 500 kb file size or less) to help speed up downloads for those members who have slower connections. If you have more than five images to show at once, please post them as links instead.

--- End quote ---

10/21/2011 - As mentioned here:
.......the new Furtopia main rules have been revised and posted. They can be found here:
The old 2006 rules have been unpinned and are now located here:

More new rules and guideline revisions have been made to the following forums:

Added on 11/06/2011

Polling Forum Guidelines

Photography/Video Guidelines

Test Lab Forum Guidelines


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