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Closing of web hosting.

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After about a decade of web hosting we will be putting on hold the hosting of Furtopia.  Increasing costs and loss of support staff to RL have added to the timing of this.  However should things improve we may reopen it when updates are finally in place.  I plan to keep web hosting live for 3 more months to give members time to fetch any files they may need.  Users in difficult times/position may request an extension of hosting time if needed (will be reviewed case by case).  It's been a good run.

Note: I will NOT be shutting down the Furtopia forums or IRC.  These services will be continue as normal.   Also if members are unable to get a copy of their site and do not have a local copy they my PM me a request and they will be sent a zipped copy.


When I can finally get my own servers up and running, I'd be more than glad to help out in whatever ways would be useful. Unfortunately that would not be... until at least summer 2011. However, I have a terrible old 2Ghz non-HT P4 computer, that would likely make an awfully slow server (I was planning on keeping it around simply for backup purposes - it's not even a real server D:), about 2GB of ram, and 200GB of EIDE (ugh) hard-drives total that I might be able to get up and running much sooner (within 5 weeks), however it would... still not be a very capable server. (And the connection for the time being will likely be slow on its own anyways).

Yeah, it's better to make sure the main site is running stable first.

Avan, if you have a specific budget in could lemme know and I'll scope out parts for said server. :3 Yeah tech changes a lot..xD I do like creating paper builds for fun, though.

Actually, I think if I can get a PSU and new HDD's for my dead linux box, I might have a viable alternative server (totally forgot about that dead computer till just recently, after making that post)


That's a shame.  Thankful for the forums and IRC, though.


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