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Does Furtopia allow mature (adult) content?


This is a topic I've kinda wanted to expand on and explain, but never had the time. My words are my own and do not represent the opinions of the other staff.

For a long time, Members have always been aware that Furtopia has been a "PG/Family Friendly" type of community. What this means is that 95% of the topics/discussions you see on the forums are at most suitable for children and adults of all ages. While it's hard to explain the "family friendly" nature of this website, the most I can say is that Furtopia is a place where people can come together in a more relaxed, friendly, and safer community free from antagonisms such as trolling, foul language, harassment, disrespect, and/or other negative aspects that may be found on other furry or non-furry sites. The main Furtopian rules explained here:
........explain what is and isn't allowed.
We are trying to provide and promote a friendlier and more positive image of furry (Anthropomorphic Arts) by keeping various furry and/or non-furry mature (adult) content to a bare minimum or not at all on the open public forums. This is why Furtopia has the "PG/Family Friendly" rating it does. BUT.......we are not infallible. Sometimes we do make mistakes and may miss something in a post that may not be appropriate. We will try to correct such mistakes wherever possible if we can. ;)

But members may be asking: "What about that other 5% ? What if I do want to post something mature?"

Sometimes, we do allow a word, phrase, sentence, topic, etc. to be posted. But this depends on what is discussed/shown. But most often, 99% of the time, we have to edit/remove the inappropriate word, phrase, etc. from a person's post/thread in the open public forums. Some Furtopian forums may have different rules and guidelines than those listed in the main Furtopian rules. If a member is ever unsure of a rule or guideline on anything, then please PM a Mod or Admin and we will help answer your questions. :)

So where does that leave a member to post mature furry and/or non-furry (adult) content? Furtopia does have an Adult Forum section for Artwork, Literature/Poetry, and other Adult Discussions. By default, this section is closed to all members. If members would like to discuss mature topics and would like access to these extra forums, then please read this thread here:
While mature topics can be shown/discussed in the Adult Section, there are other rules which members may need to be aware of for the adult section. These are the following:

1. No minors 18 and under (Anthro or human) may NOT be involved in any sexual/adult situations and activities with other adults and/or other minors anywhere on the Furtopia forums.......including the Adult forums too! This includes, but is not limited to: Art, literature, pics/videos, role playing, etc., etc. Even if a human minor turns into an anthro in a story, the character is still considered a minor, even in anthro form.
2. No encouragement of illegal activities and/or the advocation (promotion, sale, use, possession, distribution of drugs and alcohol, and/or other items) that may be deemed inappropriate as determined by staff.
3. And last but not least, The main Furtopian rules still apply to the Adult section in regards to respecting staff and members, Not gravedigging topics, No spamming, etc., etc., etc.

If members have questions on anything, then please contact a Mod or Admin and we will help you out. :)


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