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sight arctic:
ive been in the fandom for a year and once my friends found out i was a furry stuff went downhill my art was vandalised my stuff had cancer written on it and people had been utter jerks any thoughts on getting it all to stop

You bring it to the dean and put a stop to that nonsense. Then you get new friends.

what shim said.

id also advise keeping your artwork in a place that your "friend" cant get to. if other possessions are getting vandalized again place them in an area they cant get to. (though like shim said report it too)

If your friends are being annoying or worse at you go and tell them that. If they laugh about it or don't take it seriously I'm afraid you'll have to get new friends just the way that if someone comes out of the closet and his friends turn out to be homophobes then he has to get new friends wich trust me is much easier than getting new parents  x_x

Like the others have said, report and dump 'em. Real friends would never bully you like that.


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