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The Return of Furtopia + Hosting

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As many of you know I retired about 8 years ago for life and health reasons. I did keep the forums running and they were successful. Though the forums grew quiet over these last years of the closing. So it came to a decision. Should Furtopia itself retire and close for good or return and change with the times?  After some heartfelt discussion with other furs I have come to the decision it's time to reopen! For that goal some work this month has already been done. I have acquired a new hosting server with Samsung enterprise level SSD (FAST) drives configured for RAID backup. Pushing for a new planet friendly and technical edge the new Furtopia server will be %100 powered by it's very own solar panels and a large battery backup requiring NO power from the grid! Pictures of the setup will be posted for you all to enjoy when finished. I have been working very hard all this month programming the hosting back end. Furtopia hosting will be made FREE to ALL furry artists who want to express their art THEIR WAY with their very own web page. Furtopia free hosting will provide PHP along with MYSQL. Furtopia hosting will also include a built in automatic gallery that can be used by any Artist who cannot or does not wish to make their own web pages. We are also looking for web coding volunteers who would like to be a part of the Furtopia rebuild! I will keep you all informed!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments you would like to see in the new rebuild I would be glad to hear them. :)

Nice to see you drop in, WS. :) Long time, no see.

I do have some questions, concerns, and suggestions. I'll see what I can do to write something up in the next two days.

Feel free to call me too if you like Kobuk. :)


--- Quote from: WhiteShepherd on May 16, 2020, 10:42:30 pm ---Feel free to call me too if you like Kobuk. :)

--- End quote ---

Well, I could. But I lost your number.  :-[ I'll be PM'ing you soon this week.

Varg the wanderer:
Long time no see in deed!

This is fantastic news! Welcome back, WS, you've been missed!

I'll likely have some questions, but will wait until I've had some sleep before I ask them so I can think them through and make sure I'm making sense.  :)


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