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Furtopia Web Hosting now beta open.


If you are an artist who would like to get a website early and send us notice of any issues, we have opened web hosting applications to beta. Things working are Web Hosting, FTP, MYSQL, and Indexer (gallery for pages with no index.*).  Some links and services are still under development. But any webpage hosted should now work fine.

Beta hosting application:


Varg the wanderer:
Are the guidelines for Adult/PG/G for hosted sites the same as for the forums? If so, you might want to state that, since some places the only thing that makes something "adult" is nudity and people who aren't familiar with the forums might be assuming that is the same here.

Also, FTP password... will you be using FTP, or SFTP/FTPS?

Artists can do their websites as they chose (within legal reason/rules). The website rating system is for how we list the websites on Furtopia. G/PG are self evident. Explaining Adult and All. If a website has adult material but contest is separated so a user that visits a site who only wants to see non-adult material can do so then it can be listed as "All". If a website has it's adult content mixed without a separate listing letting a visitor chose then it has to be listed as Adult even if it's only 1 or 2 adult pictures in the mix. That's a good point. We can make a page explaining how to rate content.

We will be supporting standard FTP and FTPS. Applications like Filezilla will work well for this.

Mister Initial Man:
What if the art you wish to post is art you comissioned?

Legally you can only post art from another artist ONLY if that artist has given you permission to do so. Artists retain rights to their works they create unless there is a contract agreement that says otherwise.


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