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Another new/old song
« on: February 26, 2004, 09:15:02 pm »
Well since I didn't hurt anyone with my last song let's try another.   Besides I don't even have a name for this puppy.

So your living with a broken heart
Your dreams have all turned to stone

Your lover has found another interest
And you're feeling all alone

Well now I know how you feel..I'm down here too
Let's pick up our shattered dreams and see what we can do


Let's fit together the pieces of our broken hearts
and see what we can make
We both know that love is more
than only give and take

More than just I love you's and
I'll be forever true
Let's take a chance on romance
Let's see what love can do

So your lover has passed on your passion and stepped on your pride
and dragged your name in the dust

You feel oh so bitter and all alone
with no one you can trust

But take it from me,I'm out here too
pain's sword is sharp and true

But day after day the pain slips away
as long as I'm with you.

Well there it is  ':p'

Anyone got a name for this?
Down in a hole, feeling so small
Down in a hole,losing my soul
I'd like to fly,
But my wings have been so denied. ...Alice in Chains


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