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Convention Resources Guide.
« on: June 30, 2009, 09:33:31 am »
Welcome to the new “Convention Resources” thread listing links and other invaluable resources for when you’re looking for a furry con to go to, or you just want to read and catch up on all the latest pics and convention reports.

What follows is a sampling of convention websites, LJ (Livejournal) communities, Photo hosting sites, etc.  If I’ve forgotten a particular site, then please let me know and I’ll add it in. If a site is down or unavailable, it could just be temporary due to maintenance or a server issue.  

And finally, don’t forget to post your con reports and pics here at Furtopia too! We want to hear from you and see all the fun times you had, so please share! Thanks.

1.  Image Hosting Sites – Need a site to host your convention pics/videos at? Try some of these:

2.  Convention Photo Galleries:
Timduru’s Fursuit Archive by Frysco
Anthrocon Flickr Gallery
Anthrocon YouTube Channel
Further Confusion Flickr Gallery
Furry Connection North Flickr Gallery
RainFurrest Flickr Gallery
Having trouble finding a particular critter from a con. Then try the Fursuit Database:
Furconpics LJ Community: Gallery

3.  Conventions
Wikifur list of furry convention resources: (Here you’ll find a complete listing of furry conventions throughout the US and around the world. Included will also be extra links to a convention’s main website, Photo websites, Con LJ communities, and other additional resources.)
Upcoming Events:
Furry Convention Map:

4. Important/Helpful threads within the Furtopia Convention Forum.

How to Start a Furtopia Meet 'n Greet.,38644.0.html
What to take to a convention?
1st time tips? (See second post in thread by Party Pony.)

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