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IRC services FAQ
« on: January 16, 2010, 10:16:27 pm »
Registering your nick with NickServ

Nick spoofing can no longer be done if the nick is registered. Take my IRC nick for example, Syi. If someone other than me tries to use it, they will be asked to identify to NickServ. If they don't, then it will change their nick to Guest23452345 whatever.

You can only register ONE nick with with an email address so please make sure you choose one you want to keep.

  • /nick <Your nick>
    (This changes your nick to the one you want registered)

    Before doing the next point please make sure that is in your safer sender list otherwise the confirmation email might get filtered into junk mail or not received at all.

  • /msg nickserv register <password> <> <--THIS MUST BE A REAL EMAIL ADDRESS!!!
    (This registers your nick with NickServ)

  • At this point you will receive an email with a confirmation code:

    You have requested to register the following nickname <Yournick>.

    Please type " /msg NickServ confirm AF7LYEnHZ " to complete registration.

    If you don't know why this mail is sent to you, please ignore it silently.


    Furtopia administrators.

  • /msg NickServ confirm AF7LYEnHZ
    (Type in [or copy] the command into your IRC client to confirm)

  • /msg nickserv identify <password>
    (This identifies your nick to NickServ. This MUST be done within 60 seconds, or you get changed to Guest).

Registering a Channel/Room with ChanServ

Channels are now registered through ChanServ, which allows Services, rather than a bot to op people. This is much more foolproof than the bot.

To register a channel, you must be an Op in that channel.

  • /msg chanserv register <channel> <password> <description>
    (This registers the channel using the password, and that's all that needs done)

Sending memos with MemoServ

Registered nicks can send memos to other registered nicks via MemoServ!

  • /msg memoserv send <nick for memo> <message>
    (This sends the info to Memoserv, so that when the person comes online, they are notified they have a message awaiting them.)

  • /msg memoserv read <message number>
    (This reads the message you have specified)

  • /msg memoserv del <message number>
    (This deletes the message you specify)

Any time you need commands for one of the services, you can type:

/msg nickserv help        <--NickServ Help
/msg chanserv help       <--ChanServ Help
/msg memoserv help      <--MemoServ Help

If you have any questions or problems, please post them here or contact an Op in the IRC. A list of the Ops can be found here.
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