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Community Groups sub-forums.
« on: September 08, 2011, 10:13:00 pm »
For a long time, Many members on Furtopia have made recommendations in the Suggestion forum to have additional forums and communities to discuss non-furry (and/or furry) topics. Some of the disused Community sub-forums can be found in the Archive forum here:

While many subjects have been proposed for a Community sub-forum such as Pokemon, Automobiles, Paintball, Vampires, etc., the staff have had to decline most requests due to the following reasons:

The more forums/boards we have, then the more the staff have to watch.
If we add another board, then we have to take into consideration if the "traffic flow" for that new board justifies us having it. If people don't see it, use it, etc., then it just sits there and doesn't get used, then why have it?

Other reasons may be the following: There are already hundreds, if not thousands, of websites and forums on the Net delegated to a lot of member's requests for a particular subject. Second, Furtopia already has a wide variety of forums where subjects can be posted in.

While we're not saying that a member's request for a Community sub-forum will be banned, ignored, etc., We just want members to be aware of some of the reasons why such additional communities may not be created. Should a member wish to request/create a Community sub-forum, then these are the following guidelines and rules for that creation.

1. You must have been a Furtopia member for 6 months or longer before you can create a community.
2. You must have a post count of at least 200 posts on the forums. Spamming to get a high post count is not allowed.
3. What is the title of the Community you wish to have? What content will be discussed in the community?
4. All Furtopia forum rules and guidelines are to be followed as mentioned here:
5. There must be at least a minimum of no less than 10 members that share an interest in participating, sharing, discussing, posting, etc. to that community.
6. There must be NO adult content (Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol, Sexual situations, etc.) in the Community.
7. If the Community has not had any postings in it for 4 months or longer, since the last post was made, then the staff reserve the right to move the Community back to the Archive forum and/or delete it at our discretion.
8. If a member(s) wish to revive a Community and bring it out of the Archive forum, they must follow Item # 5 above regarding member participation, and submit a "revival" request to the staff for review.
9. Once a member has submitted a request for a Community to be created or revived to an Admin and provided all necessary info. as mentioned above, then the staff will review that request and send a reply back to the member if their proposed community will be created.

If members have any other questions, then feel free to send a PM to a Mod or Admin and we will help you out. :)

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