Author Topic: Asking For Help + Critiquing Artwork  (Read 15831 times)

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Asking For Help + Critiquing Artwork
« on: November 22, 2011, 01:28:49 pm »
Since the Artwork Techniques forum is all about asking for help on drawing various arts or showing others techniques on how to draw something, etc., the issue of "critiquing" (Giving feedback) on an artist's work can be a sensitive issue at times. Some artists ask for critiques, while others don't. Below is a quote from Ulario on August 2, 2005. V

(Staff Note: Critiquing can include, but is not limited to: Artwork, Songs, Poems, Stories, Fursuits, etc. (I.e. - Any "arts and crafts".) The below quote from Ulario is NOT a rule, but merely helpful advice on how members can best give artists feedback on their works.)

The issue of critiquing has come up several times.  It is a sensitive topic since some artists want critiques while others don't.

For the artists
When you post your art, be sure to let them know whether or not you want a critique.  Also, don't be in love with your solution, as it is only one possibility/point of view (this goes for you critics, too).  Keep in mind that when your peers critique, they are giving solutions that you haven't thought of. And of course, be sure to thank those people who comment and offer their assistance to you.

For those that critique or just come to look at the pretty pictures.
Generally, don't critique someone's work unless they ask for it.  Some people prefer that you don't critique.  This could be for several reasons.  Perhaps the artist feels like the picture is complete, and does not wish for people to suggest further changes to that particular piece, or perhaps the artist is sensitive about their work.

There are also several ways to give out a critique.  Keep in mind that many of the artists here are not professional.  And many artists who are high end or professional have not learned to effectively communicate with their peers.  Poorly done critiques can actually hinder an artist's progress, no matter what skill level they are at.

DO NOT tell an artist that they have a "bad idea", or intimidate them.  Do not attack an artist's character or demean their works.  All of these things can be destructive for the artist, and can even make you look like an ogre.

When you give a critique, it is best to try to empathize with the artist.  Be sure to tell them what they are doing right as well.  Please be sure that your critique is constructive and will help the situation.  Let the artist make the decision whether or not to take your critique to heart.  If they want to make the changes you suggested, they will.

The most important rule of this forum is to enjoy yourself and have fun!

  Ulario Aira Zemothe (Former Furtopian Moderator)