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(**Under construction**) *Makes bulldozer noises* (Mainly cause I got up at 7AM thinking I was gonna go to school early and get some stuff done but instead woke up to a bunch of snow so class is cancelled thus being kind of a groggy doggy at the moment being the moral of the story but still wanting to post pictures of my fur since it's all in, wewt)

Warning Hard Hats Beyond This Point Updates Will Be Made Shortly and continuously to this post as my cognitive functions boot up

## PS: Brownie Points for the first person to correctly guess the language I'm programming this in ##

def main():
     raw_matter()    ##Pictures of all raw materials used in my suit
     tool_kit()           ##List of all Tools Used
     build_tut()         ##The Actual Tutorial
     product()           ##Me running around being a derp in suit
     Qs_As()             ##You have questions I have answers

def raw_matter():
     global fur1 ## RED FUR
     fur1 = pic('')

     global fur2 ## BLACK FUR
     fur1 = pic('')

     global fur3 ## WHITE FUR
     fur1 = pic('')

     global fur4 ## GREEN FUR
     fur1 = pic('')


(PS: To mods and members alike, as you will probably point out this tutorial is horribly incoherent in terms of format, however fear not for I plan to change the format to that of a standard tutorial and provide regular updates from Feb 28th threw March 1st (the time frame I plan to build this suit in) this is just what my half asleep mind came up with. When I finish this I hope to have something that looks similar to the site rules page in terms of format) Okay I lied, I'm still working on my suit

UPDATE: March 1st about to start furring.
Current stage at:

UPDATE: April 4th

So I originally planned to make a foam head, but wasn't happy with the results so I said scratch that and started working with a resin base I ordered from DVC, and while I like the head there are a few symmetry issues I'll have to fix oh well a mm of foam on the left side of the jaw and no one will notice... On the bright side of things my living room doesn't look like a multi colored cat exploded anymore :D
Clean ... ish? --->

Also on the matter of FA pictures from me missing, well I no longer use FA so I'm re uploading and will fix all broken links here and on my art thread. Not that they worked to well to begin with ... thank you FA for having horrible coding :D

Current Stage at:

Spoiler: show

1.1 Introduction

Welcome to my fursuit building tutorial, this is a tutorial that is designed to both give you an in depth guild to building a fursuit, as well as provide you with some tips and tricks that I learned rather quickly upon creating my first fursuit. So learn from my mistakes, they save you time, money, and sanity.

Currently this tutorial only covers how to make a semi-realist partial fursuit. Why? because as I said before this is my first as well, however that being said I plan to add to this tutorial until it covers all three categories: toony, semi-realistic, and realistic. As well as both full suits and partials. I may make multiple threads for each, or I might combined them all in this post I don't know which yet.

Introductions aside I hope you enjoy this tutorial and that it might inspire you to create something amazing.

1.2 Getting started

The first thing I'd like you to do is ask yourself what kind of fursuit do you what to make? Do you want something along the lines of a hyper realistic digitigrade glow in the dark fire breathing rendition of your fursona, or maybe a cute and cuddly big eyed squeaking stompy paw version? This is a very important question you need to ask yourself as it will greatly determine what type of material you'll be buying as well as save yourself from future headaches.

2.1: Types of materials
----- Place Holder -----


Faux Furs



2.2 Materials

Now that you've got at least a slight idea as to what kind of fursuit you'd like to make lets talk materials. I'll attempt to explain the many types of materials used in fursuit both fur and otherwise. As well as make my recommendation depending on the type of suit you wish to make.

Realistic Fursuit:
 ----Coming In Version 1.x.x this is only a place holder for future reference----

Semi-Realistic Fursuit:

Semi-Realistic Fursuits are a good middle ground, they allow you to use materials from both ends of the spectrum so at the end of the day it's more of a personal preference than anything. I would still recommend the following

- Resin Head
- Resin Eyes
- Movable Jaw
- Fabric, Silicon or similar material for the Pawpads.
- Fur with a pile of  40-50mm
- Types of Faux fur, I personally prefer luxury shag.

Toony Fursuit:
 ----Coming In Version 2.x.x this is only a place holder for future reference----
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