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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #125 on: March 17, 2017, 10:08:30 am »
Trump day 56   
Our man Trump floated his new budget today.

Money for
A wall between us and Mexico.
The Military. I wonder if Trump is planning a war? I
hear the military is buying large amounts of munitions.
cuts in taxes
giving Trump the life style he is used to.

To name a few.

To the state department
To the EPA
To the police
To the humanities
To the arts
to NPR
To food for the elderly.
To aid to the poor in general.
To health care for women.

To name a few.

Now I am sure some will agree with all this, but to
allow the elderly and children to go hungry so Trump
can fly to Florida to play golf, and protect his Tower
in New York , not counting big tax cuts for the rich, is
terrible. There are GOP members who think this is fine.
To say "I grew up poor and made it on my own." Well
some people win the lottery too. If everyone was a hot
shot go getter, there wouldn't be enough jobs for them.
Not even part time dirty jobs they might have worked
hard at to get ahead. They probably didn't have a fire or
got sick. Or lost a job when they really needed it. It's a
fact of life some people fall into poverty, and need help.

The GOP always complains that government help makes
people lazy. Most people want to make their own way. It's
called pride. I admit there are a few lazy bums in society,
but to punish everyone because of a few is wrong. Government
could save money by being more efficient.

The way it is it's hard to fire a person from a government job. Even
if they do poor work. A friend of mine who worked in government
as an administrator told me he had a secretary who spent more
time filing her fingernails than working. After several warnings he
fired her. She tried to say it was his fault not hers. I don't remember 
how it came out, but this kind of thing costs us all.

As long as people are willing to try we should be willing
to help them. If not we need to find a way to get them to
work to help them selves. Those who are not able should be 
helped anyway. Sometimes the State and local people can do
a better job of helping, but not always like the GOP likes to
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #126 on: March 18, 2017, 09:03:31 am »
Trump day 57
Our man Trump is the biggest waster of tax payer dollars ever.
To maintain his lavish life style the governemtn has spent almost
20 million dollars since he took office. The GOP is fine with it and
even try to claim Obama spent more on his travels. This lie is a
good enough reason alone to kick the bums out.

Trump is in Florida again. Costing the locals thousands of dollars for
security and loss of business. He claims it's a working weekend. Well
he could work in Washington DC.

A link to show comparison spending with Obama.

Trump and the GOP have the gall to cut food programs for the poor
and elederly that cost much less than Trumps personal travels.

His last ralley in Tennessee had 2700 protesters
out side the convention center he was in, and kept
out all but those who support him. This is a man who
represents the people? I think not.

Trump is still claiming his Tower was wire tapped. Even to
claim Obama asked the Britsh to do it. How far will Trump go
trying to cover a stupid tweet. To attack friends is wrong. I
think blaiming England is ridiculous. I personally apologize
to our British friends even if Trump doesn't have the decentcy
to do his self.

Trump apparently informed North Korea they were to discontinue 
their weopons program to attack the south or the US. Even if we
have to use force. The only real change is to say we leave all
options on the table to prevent an attack. Unless Trump has in
mind to do a premeptive attack to destroy a missle that could
deliver an atomic weopon. One could say this would be to prevent
war, but who can say what response it would cause. China is a
already defending the North Korean dictator and complaining about
the anti missle system we have sent South Korea.

Trump had a meeting with a dozen GOP house members. He then
claimed he changed their minds on the new health plan from a
no to a yes. Did he threaten to try to cost them their election
next year?  Who can say, but some of them said the would only
change their vote if the plan was amended to their liking. If
you don't like the plan now I am sure you wouldn't l ike the
amendments they would like.  They just want to get rid of
the ACA. No replacement.

Our friendly GOP is still working to rid the country of the
ACA even if it hurts the working poor. Why? because the voters
said to. That's their excuse. They are still cliaming the ACA
is failing, but the experts say it's doing well, and would
still be better than the GOP Plan.

What they should be doing is fixing it. They complain about
helping lazy people with welfare. Instead they want to give
welfare to the super rich. The poor will get poorer and the
rich will get richer. Every body shout. "Yes master" Because
thats where we are headed. In the past the rich enslaved the
poor, and it could happen again. Not tomarrow of course, but
in the future if we don't change it.

How long will people support the GOP and their far right activities.
The far right claims the immigrants will take over the country if we
don't keep them out. I have heard this kind of thing for years by the
far right. It's nothing more than a bunch of people who want to keep
the country for "White Christian People." and no one else. I wish there
was another land mass these people could go, and set up their muitual
admiration society. Then the rest of the world could ignore them all.

Holland voted down a far right populace politician for a leader. This is a
win for all people. It was a disappointment for the far right.  I hope they have many
more disappointments. Turns out Trump is having an effect on people around
the world. Showing others what having a far right leader is all about. Many are
deciding they don't want it after all. France is having an election soon, and the
far right person who is running there is loosing support since Trump has been
in office.

The Dutch had a 82% turn out to vote. We do well to get 60% I think it's time
we get out and vote. If we did perhaps our politicians would care more about
their voters. Instead of running a welfare system for the rich.

Not much to say. They are pushing for investigations about Trump and the Russians.
Since they are a minority in congress they can only pressure the GOP to do the right
thing, and hold Trump and his Cabinet accountable.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #127 on: March 19, 2017, 09:29:34 am »
Trump day 58
Our man Trump said he was going to be a full time president. Well instead of
staying in the White House sticking to business as president. He goes to
Florida about every weekend. A weekly vacation so to speak. I guess it's
normal if your a billionaire to go south for the weekend.  He claims he is
doing government business while there. But I think the $3.6 millon it casts
for each trip could be spent better elsewhere.

Also his wife is living in Trump Tower which costs the government millions
to protect. Why? So his kid can finish his school year.  I say send them to
washingto DC, and give the kid a tutor.  I mean lots of kids across the nation
have to change schools because their parents have to move for one reason or
another.  Trump should set a good example instead of acting like he and his
family should have special privileges. I suppose a billionaires kid might be
damaged mentally if he was treated like a normal kid.

Trump still claims Obama tapped his Tower. Trump just can't admit he is
wrong about anything. Even if he makes a mistake in judgment. I guess
he thinks it makes him look weak. Well it hurts his credibility as president.
When can we believe anything he says?

Now Trump is out acting like he is campaigning again. I have heard the GOP
is paying the costs as they should be. I watched some of a speech he made
at one stop. Sounded just like the old Trump. Blaiming and promising to
fix everything. "It's all easy to fix if congress supports me."  Well he has
had almost 2 months, and all he has done is ....

make a few executive orders. The  Travel ban was writting so bad the courts
rejected it. and his replacement isn't any better.

Another order was to make it harder for people to get a loan to buy a house.

He signed a law that allows mentally ill people to  have guns.

A budget that increases the national debt even though he campaigned he
would reduce the debt.

He supports a health plan that will leave 14 million people without health
insurance next year. 26 milling in the next 10 years.

I could go on, but personally I don't think our man Trump is doing a good
job. His cabinet is full of his Billionair friends. The State Department is in
disarray. The Atterney General is suspect of being involved with the russians.
Trump is suspect of being involved with the Russians.

I think it's high time the Congress should do it's duty and start impeachment
on a president who has violated his oath of office several times.
Only Time will tell.

Our friendly GOP is starting hearings on the Russian connection as well as
Trumps wire tapping claim on the 20th of march. The director of the FBI is
supposed to testify, but he has been known to refuse to answer on grounds
there is an investigation in work. The democrats will try to pressure the GOP
chairman to pursue a strong investigation, but I wonder how willing they are
to possibly show Trump in a bad light. Or guilty of accepting russian help to
get elected.
Only time will tell.

In a few days the GOP will have a vote for their replacement health plan.
They run the risk of it passing in the house, but loosing in the Senate. If
this happens house members will be at risk for voting for a failed plan. A
plan that will harm millions. So in 2018 there will be primaries with
tough questions. So I don't think they want to be tied to a bad bill that
ends up failing to pass.

If you are getting health care with the ACA medicade expansion I would
suggest conteacting your congress man or woman to let them know
how you feel about the new plan. If it passes you may find yourself unable
to afford health insurance that will pay the costs next year.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #128 on: March 20, 2017, 09:37:34 am »
Trump day 59
Trump complains about immigrants from latin america, but the number of
peaple from latin amerca went down by one million last year. But people
from asia, like China, and Melaysia, and others are staying here without
visa's or illegally. It's time we asked Trump and the GOP why they aren't
exporting these people as well as illegal Hispanics.

I think it's time for the GOP and Democrats to sit down and work out
a health plan for all americans. Canada offers care for all at a lower
cost for Canadians than we Americans pay. They end up with better care
with preventative care. A plan like this would work for all encluding
veterans, elderly, young, poor, and even the Rich. Of course there could
be private hospitals only for the rich just like there are nursing homes
that only the rich can afford..

Sometimes I think the reason the Rich don't want to guarantee health
care is so they won't have to share a hospital room with a poor person
much less a minority. I think some of them would just as soon the elderly
and sick would just die and get it done with. Unless of course it's one of
them. I understand Trump is scared of getting sick, and dieing. Many
rich people hunt down special treatments that could extend their lives.

It's normal to fear dieing, but most of us don't have the resources to get
the care that might help us live longer. I am not saying all rich people are
uncaring slobs. But it seems to go along with the territory. Even the Christian
Bible gives a rich man little hope for salvation. I guess that's why some of
them start setting up foundations trying to prove they really care.

It's time the GOP gets off their political backsides  and get this done so
we can move on to other things like drug abuse, repairing bridges. We
don't need boarder walls. If the government would enforce laws against
hiring illegal aliens the immigration problem would solve it's self.

The GOP is wanting to make people work to get medicaide. That's all
well and good if these people can find a job. Or have a way to get to
the job. Poor people often don't have vehicles, or even a place to live.
Or child care so they can work. So finding or getting a job without an
address or a car is often not possible.

If the GOP wants this so bad, then provide jobs for these people to do.
Even if it's just picking up trash. Or running  errands for the elderly It's 
still a way to show they want to help them selves. And those trying to
avoid doing work wouldn't have a good excuse for not finding a job.

There are many ways to deal with welfare cheats without going to 
extreme measures. Insurance companies investigate people for
fraud, the government could pay private investigators instead of 
having government workers doing it. That way if one started reporting
people improperly they could stop hiring them. I would rather not see
this, but it's better than letting people go hungry or going without health

The GOP wants everying privatized. That's all well and good, but when it
comes to giving aid, or other things they don't have a direct interest in. People
often grow tired of handing out money. Where as the government can appropriate 
money for the purpose. The money still comes from the people, but they don't
have to think about it. One GOP member was saying a person not making much
probably doesn't want their tax going to pay for the Arts, or PBS. But that same
congress man defended Trumps weekly trips to Florida, and that person shouldn't
mind helping pay for that. Good thing he didn't ask me.  :P

I hope the Democrats say NO to everything that causes harm to the working poor, 
and the country. They ought to lock Trump in the White House unless he has some
government work to take care of. Obama spent less than a 100 million on personal
travel over his 8 year term in office. Trump will hit 100 million in 6 months if you
count all the money spent for personal travel, protecting his properties and family.

Trump is a bigger risk to national security than the immagrants he wants to kick out.
I wish the Congress would impeach him before he starts a war we all may regret.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #129 on: March 21, 2017, 09:37:12 am »
Trump day 60
Our man Trump still claims his campaign was tapped even though
the FBI, and the Justice department both say there is no evidence
to support his tweets. The GOP is still brown nosing Trump. They
constantly make excuses for him even though they know it's wrong.
Trump just can't admit being wrong about anything. It goes against
his way of thinking. He feels it is weak to do so.

His Press secretary in the White House has the brownest nose of all. Not
counting Trumps spin gal Kelly. He ought to resign. He might think it's
a good job, but I think he will find it hard to get a job outside
the far right in the future.

Trump's downfall will likely be due to a cover up more than an actual
breakage of a law. After all few really rich people ever go to jail.
Un like regular people who go to jail for petty crimes.

Trump is saying those in his campaign who talked to the Russians were
just temporary volunteers for his campaign. Evidence shows otherwise.
So he continues trying to lie his way out of trouble.

The GOP health plan, continuing lies, and stupid tweets by Trump is
starting to drag his popularity down. I wonder if that will change
him any? Only time will tell. 

Trump sure likes to give jobs to his family. The presidency isn't a family
affair, but Trump thinks so. He isn't paying them because it would be
illegal to  hire family.  I wonder though. Once out of office will they find
a gift in their bank account from good ole dad? It's not likely we will
ever know.

Our friendly GOP is doing all they can to get their health plan passed 
in the house. Even to add 75 Billion to the tax credits for people 50
to 64. I am a bit surprised the conservatives would go along with that
much more spending. Perhaps Trump is envolved in this idea. Only thing
the extra money has no ties. It's just money with no real promises to
use it to help the older working poor. I kind of think that money will
end up somewhere else after the vote.

The GOP hearings about Trump and the Russians heard today from the FBI
that the Trump campaign had been under investigation since July of 2016.
The GOP played it down. More brown nosing it would seem. But there is
evidence some in the Trump campaign were envolved with Russia. Perhaps
to win the election. It may take time to find out for sure.

Will the GOP play politics while Russia destroys our democracy?
Only time will tell. What's strange is the GOP were always hawks when
Russia was concerned. Now they just act like it's no big deal that Russia
hacked the DNC.  Well Russia's Putin wants to be the world big shot, and
will do about anything to get his way.

That North Korean madman wants South Korea. His pappy wanted it since
the Korean War. If China had kept their nose out of the War Korea would
have been whole. For some reason China doesn't want a democratic Korean
next door. Somehow they seem to believe it would spread into China. That's
silly, because the Chinese already know about democracy, and tried to get
it in the early 1990's. But the crooked leadership managed to convince
the army to kill the demonstrators. Claiming they were out to destroy
China and it's way of life. The people of China are biding their time and
will try again when the time is right.

I often wonder why leaders around the world are so caught up with power?
They could live the life of a king without being cruel to their people. I guess
it's just the bad old Human Nature at work. Greed and the fear of loosing
control. Those Crooked Chiniese leaders had their bags packed and were
ready to leave the country if the army had turned against them. They knew
the hangman was in their future if they lost.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #130 on: March 22, 2017, 09:19:00 am »
Trump day 61
Our man Trump was in congress emplying threats to congress they would
loose their seats if they don't vote for Trump care. Trump is trying to
say if it fails it will hurt his agenda. I would think if he really cares
about the people who voted for him he ought to be rejecting this plan as
it hurts the very people he promised to help. Of course he may be one of 
those who are rich that feel helping the little guy will hurt the rich.

Trump lies about where the pipe for the keystone pipline will be made. He
says aamerica, but it was made in Rusaia and India, and it's already
sitting in the USA ready to install. So they exempted the Keystone line
from having to replace it with american made pipe. It's just more of his
lies to make his supporters feel good.

The GOP is pushing to have a vote for Trump care on march 22. Even with
Trumps pressuring members of congress it will be close. They even set up
special exemptions for some counties in New York state to gain a vote or
two. This whole thing has nothing to do with representation of the people.
It's just politics. Perhaps 2018 will be the GOP's Waterloo.

Our friendly GOP is wanting to approve Trumps pick for the supreme court.
They ignored Obama's pick saying he didn't have the right to  pick a
judge in his last year. The GOP is trying to sidestep the first amendment
by putting people in the court that support religious values. To do
so amounts to having a state religion.

The man Trump picked is right down the GOP's alley. He has sided with
big business several times as a federal judge. One case was where a trucking
company fired a driver for leaving his rig to get  warm. He had been waiting
for hours in sub zero cold, and could have died if he had stayed. This judge
sided with the trucking company saying the man should have stayed in spite 
of the cold without any heat. This shows he has more concern for property
than the lives of the working class. The GOP should be ashamed to even consider
some one like this. But as we know big business is king with the GOP.

If a democratic president was in office and was under investigation by the
FBI they would be crying "we can't approve anything by a president that is
under investigation." But the hypocrites don't have a problem since it's
their own man in office.

I think many Americans feel the Russian connection is much to do about
nothing. The problem is Russias Putin is wanting to use cyber attacks
to make democracy and the west in general look bad. Send out vast amounts
of disinformation that looks legitimate. They are already doing this in
Europe. They feel this will at least disrupt political systems to harm
democracies around the world. Putin and Trump both believe authoritarian
forms of government is the best way to govern the masses. The public at
large is just a tool for their use.

Perhaps many people feel Trump is doing a good thing following conspiracy
theories instead of real knowledge from the CIA and FBI, But it's dangerous 
to follow lies and false stories. Trump is either a con artist trying to fool his
supporters or he is being foolish. I tend to think he is a con artist.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #131 on: March 23, 2017, 09:57:38 am »
Trump day 62
Trump seems to think we should believe any and all things he says
as fact. Even if there is no proof to back it up. Perhaps this is 
how he runs his businesses. He has been in court several times accused
of not telling the truth. So perhaps he thinks if I say it it has to
be true. Could it be he is mentally ill?

The Chairman of the house intelligence committee took some evidence to
Trump about some incidental surveillance that might have envolved the
Trump campaign without telling the committee. The Chairman was working
with Trump during the transition for Trump. Seems interesting he should
even be envolved with his connection to the Trump campaign. This looks
like the Chairman is trying to help Trump which works against a
investigation. Could it be he is lying as well?

Our not so friendly GOP leadership is still pushing to pass Trump Care.
Even though it might fail unless they can get the conservative crowd on
board. They want to get rid of the ACA without any replacement. They
also want to get rid of Medicare, social security, and the Veterens
health care. They know they can't do it all at once, but thats what
their big business supporters want them to do.

I have mentioned in the past that money is adictive. The more you have
the more you want. Just like a dangerous drug. It's likely this adiction
that causes billionaires to step on the poor, the elderly, or anyone
who might stand in the way of their riches growing larger. Just like
Disneys Scrooge Mc Duck they would swim in it if they could.

Cutting the safety nets for the public will likely destroy the
GOP in the end. All this because the super rich doesn't want to
help anyone but them selves.

The GOP is supported by the super rich who think we should let
the  poor fend for them selves. Let the old and infirmed die. They
will sit  behind high walls with a private army to protect them from
the  chaos that will llikely result. Just as the nobility did in pas ages.

You might think this is all new, but the GOP faught FDR trying to
stop the passage of Social security. They faught to stop Medicare
and mdicaid in the 1960's The GOP believes these entitlement programs
will bankrupt the nation. It could happen if the GOP continues to
reduce taxes for the people who are calling to the demise of federal
entitlements. There is enough money to protect people. It's just the 
super rich wants to keep it all for them selves.

I am not against people being rich, but the idea of being multi billionaires
is nothing but greed. No one needs that much money. It's all un nessacaary
built on the backs of the middle class. Bringing down the super rich a few
billion would make the country better for everyone. I am not saying all at
once, but taxing them so they pay a fair share would do just fine.

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