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the polling booth / Re: Anthropomorphic animal or feral?
« Last post by Shim on Today at 10:47:37 pm »
Taur might be nice. In a practical sense, I'd say anthro. Like Loc, flexible on species. Naga might also be nice.
lifestylers / Re: Expressing furriness in public.
« Last post by Shim on Today at 10:45:26 pm »
In high school I wore a collar and a tail, but that was almost 6 years ago. I have some shirts with animals on them and I use my new MFF 2017 water bottle at work, but not so much other than that.
Edmonton is reaaaaaaaaaally far from Barrie, ON where the fiance lives but this looks like fun. Is this a new con?
gaming discussion / Nier Automata
« Last post by Shim on Today at 10:40:48 pm »
Hey there! I'm a bit of a slowpoke when it comes to new releases but I'm getting around to playing this one. I've never played a game in the Drakengard/Nier series before but it was recommended I play this. It's basically Bayonetta with some bullet-hell elements. The gameplay is open-world with some bad side quest design, but the combat is fantastic and the camera angles will change sometimes so you go from playing a hack'n'slash to a bullet hell to a horizontal shooter to a vertical shooter.

Has anybody else played it?
gaming discussion / Re: Sonic Forces
« Last post by Shim on Today at 10:37:43 pm »
I've unfortunately heard that it isn't very good D:

But it does look like a lot of fun from what I've seen!
news forum / Re: No Fursuiting In Austria Now
« Last post by Shim on Today at 10:36:37 pm »
More importantly, it bans the burqa. Absolutely absurd.
All we can do is keep fighting. Don't forget to vote next year.
President Trump and his good friend Bannon were likely a bit red faced
after Roy Moore apparntly lost his bid for the US senate. They had bot
supported him completely. Trump and Bannon both have claimed they
would primary any republican running for office in 2018 who opposes
them. It appears their ability to control the GOP voting base isn't
nearly as strong as they claim.

I wonder if they GOP will continue to fear them as much as they have
over the past year.

Trump attacked the senator who first called for his resignation , claiming
she offered to do anything for a donation from him a few years ago.
Ever since Trump started supporting Roy Moore women and the media
have been reminding Trump of his reported sexual misconduct.  Trump
seems to believe if he continues to claim the women are lying it will
go away. This from a man who makes a business of lying.

I wonder with women speaking out as ever before, will any public 
official escape their scrutiny. I hope women across American and
the world start standing up for them selves. Men have taken
advantage of women far too long as it is.  Moores defeat is
a victory for women, and human rights everywhere.
foodie furs / Re: Home made bread. From traditional to no knead refrigerator.
« Last post by cause the rat on December 12, 2017, 11:24:34 pm »
Living up to my second failure. It's not a bad thing. It's a learning thing. However the worry about the milk? Not a thing at all. Not soured or fermented. Truth is, despite the bread being soggy and under cooked it tastes great. Until you get a bit of raw dough. But that's totally my fault. I'm going to do this again. This time without adding more liquid. Separating the dough into two loaves instead of one bing one. And do a bit of kneading to incorporate all the ingredients together. I will also knead the dough before it's final rise. This way the dough will have more of an outer structure to it. And i'll be putting it back into bread pans. Not my huge dutch oven.

The taste. Going back to where this started. My first loaves of bread were created by blooming the yeast in water. Then adding everything together. Making dough. Great home made taste. Then I started making a 'starter'. Using part of the flour and some of the ingredients. Letting this sit for a bit. Then adding everything together and making the dough. Better home made taste. This time I made the finished dough. Let that sit for 8+ hours. This made the overall flavor more complex. There are really nice tasting undertones. Guess that's what you'd call them. It's the same great tasting bread. But with more to like.
furry lite™ / Re: furson's weapon of choice?
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on December 12, 2017, 05:37:18 pm »
A wiffle bat!

A potato cannon!

A F/A-18E fueled and with a full air-to-ground load out, two AIM-9's on the wingtips, 500 HE rounds in the nose cannon, and an AN/AAQ-28 LITENING targeting pod. ;)
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