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general non-furry discussion / Star Trek Discovery
« Last post by Kobuk on Today at 03:44:30 pm »
Star Trek Discovery premieres tomorrow. :)

While I wish I could say that I'll be watching it.........I won't. Not because I probably wouldn't like it. But rather because of CBS's need to have a subscription for watching it and only making it available on the CBS All Access network only.  >:(

Just from the trailers only, the show appears to look good, but the jury is still out as for the design of the new ship, the USS Discovery. Many Star Trek fans are kinda split as to liking or hating the new design of the ship.

Anybody else looking forward to this series? What are your thoughts?
the polling booth / Re: Sports, and the National Anthem.
« Last post by cause the rat on Today at 02:38:45 pm »
Agree with it or not it's free speech. No sports team or company owns an individual's rights. That's called slavery. As a country we do not have the constitutional rights to force someone into submission. They are not government employees. They are not members of the armed forces. They are Americans. Americans are protected by the constitution. Like it or not it's free speech.

Trump is a dictator. Trump supports and is strongly supported by the alt right and nazi groups. Trump is not someone who would lead this country into supporting an individuals constitutional rights. Unless those rights are the alt right or nazi. He has no problems supporting or even pardoning them.
the polling booth / Re: Sports, and the National Anthem.
« Last post by Kobuk on Today at 02:21:23 pm »
I'm a bit "on the fence" on this issue. While I do understand that some players are upset by various things that are going on in the U.S. right now and they feel the need to protest and/or be vocal about it, the playing field at a sports game is the wrong place to do it IMO. If they want to protest, then fine. Just do it somewhere else. Kneeling/protesting at a sports game is just wrong and shows a lot of disrespect for our country, the people who defend it, the sports community, etc.  >:(

Suspensions, Firings, and/or Bannings are too strong IMO. Long before kneeling ever became an issue, I've been a proponent of reducing player's salaries as they are too incredibly high. Therefore, my recommendation is to reduce a player's salary every time that player kneels during a game. Or even better yet, have the player lose any advertising endorsements.
the polling booth / Re: Sports, and the National Anthem.
« Last post by Loc on Today at 01:24:51 pm »
No punishment.
the polling booth / Sports, and the National Anthem.
« Last post by Kobuk on Today at 12:01:12 pm »
Trump made a big spectacle when he said that sports players should be fired for not standing during the National Anthem.

How do others feel about what is going on in the sports community? Should players be allowed to continue to kneel and protest during the National Anthem? Or should they face some sort of punishment, if any, for their actions?
Trump day 246
President Trump met with the Turkish leader and gave him praise. This
leader had his security people attack peaceful demonstrators in front
of the Turkish embassy last year. Not on embassy grounds, but outside.
15 of these security men have been charged, but will likely not return
to the country for prosecution. Trump should be telling the Turkish leader
to have these people returned instead of giving him praise. But Trump
has a Trump tower in the capital of Turkey, so I doubt if he wants to
cause any trouble that might cost him some of his precious  profits.

Trumps inauguration fund ended up being $107 million in donations.
We don't know for sure how much was spent for the inauguration, but
Obamas cost less than the $25 million Trump claimed to spend, and
was bigger with many top names for entertainment. The inauguration
committee has been asked about where the extra money went. Trump
claimed they spent around $25 million, but gave no proof. Turns out
Trump can pocket the rest if he wants. To do what he wants. Remember
he offered a donation of 1 million to the Texas relief fund. Just one million,
and still had at least $75 million he could use for anything in his
inaguration fund. Wasn't that nice of him for being so generous? "NOT"

Puerto Rico is getting federal aid, but I wonder how long the GOP and
Trump will support aid to those Caribbean territories?

After 9 months the federal government finally said 21 states
were hacked by someone. 3 states said it was apparently the
Russians. The Trump campaign and his campaign manager are
still under investigation about involvement with Russia. Trump
continues to deny any involvement with Russia. Trump lies and
tries to blame others for his problems. So time will tell.

I think there are people who feel the Russian investigation
is just politics. I have a link to a webpage that lays out why
we should be concerned over what Russia did.

I think if and when Trump is impeached he won't go down without
a fight, and will continue to claime he was treated unfairly by
the media, GOP, and the Democrats. Even if he stays till 2020
and looses the election he will be on fox news claiming the
election was rigged, and stolen from him.

The GOP gave up a bipartisan effort to improve the ACA to make a try
to kill it. Even trying to pay off some senators by offering their states
more money. If they have all this money, then why are they claiming
the country can't afford it? I think many of our friendly GOP have sold
them selves to rich supporters. That is probably why they ignore the
voters at home. It's a shame they don't have to wear a sign on their
back with the names of their owners.

Sure they have to beg to get money for their campaigns, but they could
reduce the costs by limiting donations to individual members running
for congress, and the amount of money spent by anyone running. Instead
they worked to allow political action committes to help support members
running. These PACKS have few limits on how much they can spend
since it's not about individuals donating for any one canidate
running for office. It's more about supporting a party platform
 than individuals.

If congress would actually work to reform campaign spending it
would allow more qualified people to run for office. Also it would
give them more time to do the job instead of raising money from
the rich crowd wanting a pay for play agreement. I think many in
congress want it to be limited to rich players. So change will
be slow to come, if ever.

news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on September 22, 2017, 09:17:51 am »
Trump day 245
North Korea is claiming it will fire a nuclear armed  missile into
the Pacific ocean in the near future. Apparently to prove they have
the capability to hit the USA or it's allies.

Iran is saying they have multi warhead missiles that can fly upto 1200
miles. This threatens the entire middle east. It's likely Israel will find this
to be a serious threat.

Trump should not be making threats with his tweets. Will these tweets cause
Iran or N Korea feel Trump might start a war.

The new sanctions against N Korea could get the attention of the N Korean
leader. As a leader he needs the support of people around him. These sanctions
could cause them to rethink their support.

I am sure Trump wants a win. Something to point at when running for re election
in 2020 if he hasn't been removed from office. I just hope his desire to stay president
doesn't end up starting a war we all may regret.

Our friendly GOP is still working to kill the ACA. This is all about cutting taxes for
their rich supporters. Some who have said they wouldn't give them any money if
they don't cut taxes for them. These are billionaires who shouldn't be asking for
tax relief in the first place. They hire tax lawyers that keep their tax rates lower
than the average american as it is.

The GOP could reduce the need for so much money to run for office. Just make
that limits how much people can donate to anyone running for office.  Prior to
television people could run for office with a few thousand dollars. Now it takes
hundreds of thousands to millions. With the internet they don't need so much
TV coverage.

As with most people change is always hard, and the GOP is scared to death the
country is moving toward socializim. Well I have news for them. If people get
desperate enough they will call for social changes, and vote the GOP out.

the forum test lab / Re: Image test
« Last post by Michen_S on September 22, 2017, 06:33:28 am »
Whoops, posted here by accident.
furry greetings / Re: * Nervously waves paw* Hello everyone
« Last post by Subzerus on September 21, 2017, 02:01:28 pm »
Hi and welcome! I wish you a great time on out forums!
furry greetings / Re: So, yes, hi, I guess
« Last post by Subzerus on September 21, 2017, 02:00:55 pm »
Hello and welcome to our forums!
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