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furries on furry / Re: Walmart selling furstuit heads????
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on Today at 07:17:52 pm »
These could double as cat beds. It's bound to happen. When these end up on clearance for five bucks, then maybe my cat will get one for a hideout.
furry lite™ / Re: You know you are Furry........
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on Today at 07:10:15 pm »
...when you watch the typical cartoon gag of a stuffed animal head failing over a character's head and comes to life, then get ideas.
furry lite™ / Re: Fursuit Pickup Lines
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on Today at 07:04:21 pm »
They say that you provide quality hugs. May I have a demonstration?
furry greetings / Re: A cat comes by
« Last post by Michen_S on Today at 01:23:22 pm »
Welcome to this forums!


Hmm... I think I'm having a déjà vu.
furry greetings / Re: A cat comes by
« Last post by Iara Warriorfeather on Today at 10:58:30 am »
Welcome to Furtopia, Citrine! Enjoy your stay!  :D
traditional and digital artwork / Re: Iara's Artwork
« Last post by Iara Warriorfeather on Today at 10:55:32 am »
They are feathered dinosaurs, but ducks do belong to that category! Glad you like them, Old Rabbit.  :)
traditional and digital artwork / Re: Iara's Artwork
« Last post by Old Rabbit on Today at 10:08:47 am »
I don't remember us having duck drawings before. Good job Iara. :orbunny:
general furry discussion / Re: Fursona Bio Thread.
« Last post by Citr on Today at 10:06:12 am »
Name - Citrine Marigold (with Citrine being her first name and Marigold being the middle name)
Species - Turkish van cat
Height - About 166 cm
Weight - About 50 kg
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Calico coloration so black, white and orangish. The left side of her face has an orange patch that goes over her eye and left ear and extends to the back of her head, while her right ear is black. There's also an orange spot on her right cheek. Both the front- and hindpaw on the left side are black, while the paws on the right side are orange. She has a black tail and a rather large area of orange on her back.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Either digitigrade or plantigrade
Clothing - Most usually a specific blue collared T-shirt with darker blue shorts, but also other casual clothing such as hoodies
Likes - Peace and quiet, sweets, atmospheric places, Christmas, the paranormal and UFOs, making loved ones feel good about themselves
Dislikes - Unnecessary drama, excessive physical contact, continuous noisiness, politics
Temperament and sociability - Quite unsociable, although can get pretty loud around friends. Easily jealous but understanding and empathetic. Really quiet in most situations and sensitive to negativity.
Picture: (Click)
It would be nice to promote Furtopia. Of course it must be discussed by
the staff and appved prior to any such actions.

I fear I can't add more to the artwork, but  we do have several fine
artists, and writers. I hope to do a bit of writing in the future.

You might contribute some of the illustrations you've already done. We'd be showcasing the forums, as Iara put it, and with your history here (and the fact that you're still active) I'd say that you're definitely a part of the place.

I would be happy to contribute to the cause.  Just have to figure out what to
choose if it works out.
general furry discussion / Re: Discovering your fursona
« Last post by Citr on Today at 09:37:11 am »
My sona hasn't always been a cat since at the very beginning I used to have a wolf character representing me in a furry context. Even though it now feels obvious that my sona is indeed a cat, it wasn't exactly easy to decide what kind of an animal would fit me the best back then. After the wolf there has been a rabbit hybrid, a fox and a deer and none of those stuck around for too long. I eventually came to the conclusion that a cat would fit me better than those so I made a new character, this time properly based on myself, at least personality-wise. Having two cats at home probably affected my choice of the fursona species too since a personally well-known, familiar animal that I also liked a lot felt like the best choice.

Since Citrine is pretty much just me as an animal, the personality aspects aren't any different. The only thing that doesn't resemble me is the outer look although even the clothes are most often based on what I wear myself. Oh and the name is also very different than my own - the name Citrine came to mind after thinking about different variations of Lemon, which is my most used internet nickname. My current sona was also originally going to be called Marie, which then became Marigold as a slight hint to my tendency of wearing a flower in my hair.
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