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furry greetings / Re: *On Hiatus*
« Last post by Subzerus on Today at 10:31:46 pm »
Take your time and we hope to see you again refreshed! Take care while you're gone!
furry greetings / Re: I'm Back!
« Last post by Subzerus on Today at 10:31:03 pm »
Nice to see you again! Welcome back!
furry greetings / *On Hiatus*
« Last post by Iara Warriorfeather on Today at 09:28:41 pm »
Hi Furtopian denizens,

I am on hiatus for the time being...I haven't been able to check the boards as often due to work. I will return in a month or the meantime I will lurk and check in when I can.

The airport in my city which is only about 1-2 miles from me is having a special event with static display as well as flyovers of WWII aircraft this coming weekend. I might go to it if I have the money.
general non-furry discussion / Re: What really "grinds your gears"?
« Last post by Kobuk on Today at 07:09:15 pm »
It really aggravates me when people don't take proper care of DVD's.  >:( Sometimes I'll buy used DVD movies at a retail store, or check DVD movies out at the library, and what do I find? Scratches, nicks, smears, fingerprints, etc., etc. :goldpissed:
general non-furry discussion / Re: What Are You Up To?
« Last post by Kobuk on Today at 07:05:29 pm »
Getting ready to watch the complete Season 1 of the Redwall animated tv show. I never knew my local library had the complete Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of the Redwall series, but they did. :) So I checked them out and now I'm going to enjoy watching them for the next few days.
Read it and weep, folks. The cuts President Trump wants in the 2018 budget. It ain't pretty. This is Trump's equivalent of "Let them eat cake." or He continues to rob from the poor to give to the rich. >:( The sooner we get this idiot out of office, the better.  :goldpissed:

A few sample links:

Yes Kobuk. The new GOP and Trump have little compassion for the disadvantaged.
They claim the states will take care of the needy. Well unlike the Federal government
the states have to balance their budget. So if they run short the needy are just out.
Even if it means they will die, be they child , disabled, or elderly.

They claim cutting taxes will create jobs, the age old cry of the rich. We make jobs.
Unions were created due to the kind of sorry jobs the rich create.

Trump Day 124
Our man Trump sent some of his staff back to washington DC.
Perhaps he was wanting to have some people covering him while
he is in Europe. After all the investigation is rolling along.

Turns out the Treasury department is dragging is feet after
saying they would provide the financial records on the Trump
campaign. Perhaps it's just slow going, but is Trump
asking others to slow down the investigation as he did
the FBI?

Truns out Trump asked several people to not investigate himself
and flynn. If this isn't obstruction of justice what is? Seems the
GOP is more worried about leaks of information to the press than
wither Trump obstructed justice or not.

I think the GOP feels they can still win in their highly
gerrymandered districts. Turns out the GOP lost a supreme court
ruling  that will change some of these districts the GOP created
to isolate minority voters. This may raise a few beads of sweat
on the foreheads of the GOP, where they will have to win in a
more fairly set up district. I think gerrymandaring was origianlly
created to balance districts to prevent unfair advantages, but both
parties have been guilty of abusing it. More so the GOP staring
in 2010. Voting dstricts should be setup by a bipartisan commission
not by the prevailing party.

The GOP can say the town hall meetings are full of democrats,
but the election in 2018 will tell. Even if the GOP is tossed out
people shouldn't expect a big change. The GOP will fight to have
their way, and even if Trump is gone the VP isn't likely to sign
bills that go against the GOP way of thinking. So it will be 2020
where we can choose a new president. It's possible the GOP
could regain control of the house even if they loose the white
house. If people want the country to shift more to the center left
they must keep the GOP out of power, because they believe the
super rich should run the country.

general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Bad News" thread.
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on Today at 09:50:48 am »
I almost had an interview with one of those Multi-level marketing schemes.

Hey, I just had one of those!

I found out I had three cavities.... and still haven't fixed my root canal.
furry greetings / Re: I'm Back!
« Last post by Old Rabbit on Today at 09:23:44 am »
Welcome back    Beag .

Old Rabbit :orbunny:
furry greetings / I'm Back!
« Last post by Beag L. Howler on Today at 12:10:42 am »
Hey guys, not much to say except: long time no see! I'm trying to get back into the furry fandom, and I might start over with a fresh new 'sona. Just thought I'd say hi, first!
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