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general non-furry discussion / Re: May the Fourth Be With You!
« Last post by Old Rabbit on Today at 09:57:27 am »
It's hard to believe it's been 40 years.

I remember when the first Star Wars movie came out. Trouble was
the closest theater showing it was 100 miles away. So never got to
see it till it was on TV. In fact I haven't seen any of the Star Wars
movies except on the small screen.  19"  I haven't been to a movie
theater since the mid 1960's. My vision would make going a waste
of money now days.

I often wondered how much difference the big screen makes for a
movie like Star Wars. I never cared much for crowds, that's one
reason I quit going to the theater.

Trump Day 126
Our man Trump was giving some of the Nato members a hard
time because they haven't been paying their share. This
is reasonable. Nato members want mutiual protection. They
should be willing to pay their share. Trump was scolded over
the information leaks about the suicide bomer. Trump said
he woul see it was checked into. Trump did push another
Nato member aside so he could be front and center for photo
ops. Not too suprising with a man like Trump.

When Trump met the Pope. The Pope told Trump he should watch
his diet. Trump is fat even though he doesn't want to admit it.

It appears Trumps son in law is being looked at by the FBI.
Perhaps to see what deals he had with the Russians. If they
look into his businesses who knows what the FBI might dig up.
I understand this guy is much as Trump is. A man after the
almighty dollar. Trumps problems may take his whole famly
donw with him. Only Time will tell.

With Trump gone overseas the staff has been working on ways
to respond to reports on investigations by the FBI, press and the
special council. People to go out and spin stories in the
presidents favor. Snow jobs would be a good name for it. Seems
Trumps staff has been keeping him too busy to wach cable news
and be on Twitter while on the trip. Trump will likely go back
to being his self when he returns.

The man running for the US congress in Montana has been charged
with assult. So far the GOP leadership isn't distancing them selves
from this person.They basicly said if the people in Montana vote
for him it's fine with us. Seems the GOP only cares about winning.
Even if it's someone who attacks a news reporter for no good reason,
then apparently lies about it. Of course the GOP and Trump doesn't
have any problem with telling lies.

The latest report about the ACA shows there are 27 million
people on the program. This is close to the prediction of
there would be 30 million by now. The ACA is failing due
to the GOP cutting subsities to help peple pay the insurance
premiums. Why? So they can cut taxes for the rich.

The strangest part is the ACA was originally a GOP plan, but
when Obama started pushing it. It became Obama Care because the
GOP did not want to help Obama at all. The first two years
the Democrats controled congress and that's why Obama was able
to get some work done. After 2010 the GOP took over the house
and said NO to everything. Including fixing the ACA. A plan
they first proposed, and now want to get rid of it at any cost.

The FBI is holding the memos of the ex FBI director till they
check with the special council who is investigating the Trump
campaign. The ethics committee has requested them, but it may
be sometime before they are released.

furry greetings / Re: I'm Back!
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on May 25, 2017, 05:53:46 pm »
Welcome back! :)
furry greetings / Re: *On Hiatus*
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on May 25, 2017, 05:53:16 pm »
Take care! We'll miss you until your return. :)
gaming discussion / Re: Anyone think Bethesda will make a Elder Scrolls 6?
« Last post by Loc on May 25, 2017, 12:22:47 pm »
Eventually yes, but not for many years. Any rumors at this point are just rumors.
Bethesda boss Todd Howard stated at E3 2016 that Bethesda's internal studio is "working on" Elder Scrolls 6, but that the project is a "long way off". Bethesda is currently working on seven other projects, two of which are larger than anything it has previously done, neither of which are ES6.

We're guessing it won't reach pre-production until these other products are complete.

"I think it's good in these moments to tell our fans, 'Yes, of course we are. It's something we love.' But it is - you know, I have to be careful what I say - it's a very long way off," continued Howard.

"And we actually have two other large projects we're also doing that are bigger than anything we've done," he continued. "People will probably hear about those probably even before Elder Scrolls 6. And that'll make sense many years from now.

"We think very long-term. We're not a developer that's going to rush something like this out. When you think about what is the future of that kind of game, we have a pretty good idea of what that's going to be, and it's just going to take technology and time we don't necessarily have right now."

Pete Hines, slapped down hopes rather more severely later that month, stating that the team isn't working on The Elder Scrolls 6 at all yet, but they will make it one day.

@HotShame0 we aren't working on TES6 at the moment
Pete Hines (@DCDeacon) June 25, 2016

Various leaks suggest it may not appear until 2019.

Also I strongly doubt it will be that linked to Skyrim, just like none of the other games have been that closely linked to the ones before - parts are referenced, but the exact events of previous games are kept intentionally vague. So it won't be a sequel to Skyrim as much as it would be a game set int he same universe.
gaming discussion / Anyone think Bethesda will make a Elder Scrolls 6?
« Last post by Axelfox on May 25, 2017, 12:01:39 pm »
Cause i have read rumors online and such and was wondering if there will be a sequel to Skyrim.
gaming discussion / Re: Skyrim - Ulfric or Empire? (Potential Spoilers)
« Last post by Axelfox on May 25, 2017, 11:58:35 am »
I think there is a quest known as season unending.
general non-furry discussion / Re: May the Fourth Be With You!
« Last post by Kobuk on May 25, 2017, 09:37:58 am »
Happy 40th Anniversary to STAR WARS today!  :D :D  Long live STAR WARS! Long live the Jedi! I hope I make it to the 50th anniversary. That will truly be a spectacular event.  :o

news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on May 25, 2017, 09:34:52 am »
Trump Day 125
our man Trump is pushing to increase the numbers of troops going
to Afghanistan. Trump seems to think we can stop alkida with the
military. These bad guys hide among non combatants or run to
Pakistan. Are we going to follow them, and spread the war? Who
knows with a man like Trump. If we start destroying villages the
population will turn against us.

Trump ran on getting us out of foreign wars, but now he apparently
plans to get us deeper into one.

More reports that the Trump campaign people were possibly
involved with Russian officials before the election.

Trump told the Philippine President where two of our submarains
were.This is a possible security violation. The military doesn't
tell anyone where our subs are.

Trump calls the super rich very smart. It's possible he
thinks the poor, and minorities are loosers. Perhaps any
one who hasn't made it rich is a looser to him. I had kind
of forgot, but in the past the term looser was used for
people who end up poor or on homeless.

This came to mind when Trump called the suiside bomber a

The reported changes created by the ACA replacement bill passed
by the house of representatives is out. 14 million loosing coverage
by 2018, and 23 million in 10 years. premiums going up in the first
year. Coverage costs for older americans could increase by 800 percent.
Not counting the loss of medicaid coverage for children, the working
poor, disabled and elderly. Costs to people with existing illness
could go very high, perhaps $100,000.00 a year for limited coverage.

A man running for congress from Montana apparently attacked a
news reporter. The GOP canidate claims the reporter was agressive,
but evidence doesn't support that claim. It will be interesting to
see if the public in Montana want a man who can't control his temper
when faced with hard questions. Our law makers should be able to deal
with tough situations, without turning to needless violence.

The GOP should distance them selves from anyone who acts like a bully.
It's unamerican in my opinon for our lawmakers to attack the press
physically or otherwise. The constitution provides protection for the free
press. Even when politicians don't like it.

furry greetings / Re: *On Hiatus*
« Last post by Old Rabbit on May 25, 2017, 08:01:22 am »
I know you are busy this time of year. Take the time you need, we
always appreciate your help. :orbunny:
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