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furry greetings / Re: Nevermore
« Last post by ShopePapilloma on Today at 01:33:16 pm »
Hello! It's nice to meet you!  :)
furry greetings / Re: Nevermore
« Last post by Jenny on Today at 11:25:57 am »
Thank you, Kobuk.
I hopefully will.
furry greetings / Re: Nevermore
« Last post by Kobuk on Today at 11:09:42 am »
Welcome to Furtopia and enjoy your stay. :)
Sean Spicer is out! Hooray!  :D  :D  :D  Now all we need to do is get Bannon, Trump, and Trump's family out of Washington.  >:(
furry greetings / Nevermore
« Last post by Jenny on Today at 10:04:21 am »
Good afternoon.

My name is Jenny, a young common raven from Europe. I am in my early 20's and so I finished school. I am a prospective college student and currently working. I am a female individual with interests around history, nature, biology, Native Americans and other Aborigines, Old Norse and Nordic cultures as well as everything other Nordic, arts and some other stuff. I also am a big reader. I read books whenever I can. My favorite genres are fantasy, nonfiction, (psycho-)thriller and detective novels. Otherwise, I read everything which sounds good to me. If you give me a tea or cappuccino and a good book, bring me to a cold place in the mountains where I can sit in my wood cabin with a wonderful open fire in front of me, you are able to make me to the happiest raven on this world. This is my perfect evening.

However, I joined the fandom back to 2008, one year after I got my first access to the internet. I am not only a furry but we'll come back to this later.
My "fursona": Raven, wearing a necklace and sometimes a scarf. All the colors (feather, skin, beak, eyes and so on) are natural. I am not such an emo, goth or anything like that (even tho, they seem interesting in some way). I am just a normal raven... sometimes a bit cheeky, usually silent, a social introvert, clever, got a neat temperament, free-thinker and can be mischievous in long-time conflicts.

That's been a very long intro now. But as long intro might make everything easier when joining a new forum, right? This way we can get to know each other way better.

Goodbye. See you next time.
In an alternate reality we would all be furry creatures with human minds,
and thought. Walking on our hind legs and talking. Our front paws would be
more like human hands.  Most of us would be comfortable not wearing anything
but our fur or loose fitting clothes.

We would all be vegetarians, otherwise there would be constant warfare between
the prey and predatory species.

Of course in our reality it's just fun and games to tease our fantaxy. with stories, craft,
and artwork. :orbunny:
Trump day 182
Our man Trump was reported to be checking into the power of the president on
giving pardons for his staff, family and even to pardon his self. Now this could just
be couriosity, but it makes one wonder if he has a skeleton in his closet he fears
will put him in jail.

Supporters of Trump complain the media talks about the Russia connection with 
Trump all the time. Well it's Trump that keeps the talk alive. He fired the head of
the FBI over the Russian investigation. His people continue ttrying to cover up their
meetings with Russians. Trump had more than one meeting with Putin. That in it's
self is okay, but he did it wiout guidennce or a translator. Trump had to depend on
Putins translator who could have lead Trump to the wrong conclusions.

The Russian talk in the media would die off  if Trump would quit talking about it
in his tweets. The media doesn't make the news, they report it. I admit some
news services do embelish to the left or to the right. Fox news is big for the
far right along with most talk radiao.  The major media trys to be balanced
on their reporting, but there are left leaning stories as well. 

Trump could help his self a lot by not telling lies all the time. Then call it fake
news when the facts show his lies. This hurts his ability to do his job.

Will the GOP work with the democrats to fix the ACA and help lower drug costs?
I have my doubts. The GOP wants to let the private market control everything.
They claim they want to reduce health costs, but turn around and help the
costs to rise. The Free market will never work well for health care. Except to
make the drug and insurance industry richer.  It's the drug industy that pushes
the pain medicine that  people get addicted to. The GOP claim they want to
help stop this, but I think they will be slow to do it with all the money they
get from the drug industry.

Trump continues trying to discredit the special council. I wonder how long
it will be bfore Trump tries to fire every one doing investigations.

Latest news. Trumps press secretary resigns. I am suprised he stayed as long
as he did. I mean having to make so many excuses for Trump and all.

The democrats continue to off help to fix the ACA,  and reduce health costs,
but the GOP just ignores them. Or claims the democrats are hurting their
I love irony. Till it happens to me.... :D

I'm guessing the person I tried to help left after the multiple "you can't" posts. I hate it when forums get that way.
general furry discussion / Re: Clean furry art
« Last post by Der Meister on Today at 06:58:19 am »
wow thanks for all of the suggestions!

One thing I've seen but have yet to try out is Pinterest-- I've seen quite a bit of fuur stuff pop up there but haven't tried it myself (yet). Does anyone else use that?
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