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general non-furry discussion / Re: What really "grinds your gears"?
« Last post by weese on September 18, 2017, 07:02:03 pm »
Leaving your highbeams on while driving or having incorrectly adjusted headlights. It's the drivers responsibility to know how to operate the car and to make sure it is working properly. Not knowing how to turn on the headlights isn't an excuse not to use them. It also infuriates me that the police don't enforce this nearly enough.

*End grumpy old man rant :3*
furries on furry / Re: Walmart selling furstuit heads????
« Last post by Kobuk on September 18, 2017, 05:47:53 pm »
I saw the heads in WM a few days ago. Definately ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.  >:(  A person would need to put extra padding in the head to make it more comfortable and/or to fit properly otherwise the costume head will be very loose. They also look way overly big for kids to try wearing.
general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Bad News" thread.
« Last post by Kobuk on September 18, 2017, 05:43:36 pm »
Screwed up the decals on a model aircraft and now have to put new ones on.  :(  >:(
general non-furry discussion / Re: Stephen King's "IT"
« Last post by Kobuk on September 18, 2017, 05:41:57 pm »
Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiight, Varg. ;)  Somehow, I don't think an alligator is going to do much, if any, harm to IT.  :D
From what I remember in the book and the 1990 miniseries, IT is some sort of inter-dimensional or other worldly being.
news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on September 18, 2017, 09:29:10 am »
Trump Day 241
President Trump posted a video implying he hit H Clinton with
a golf ball. Anyone who thinks this is funny should stop and think
is this something we expect from our president? Even if you don't
like Clinton or what she stands for. Violence is never an answer to
anything other than self defense of your person.

Trump has implyed violence is proper from the days of his campaign.
Encouraging his followers to commit violence agains those who  opposed
him. I think he should have been called down then, but instead people
made excuses for him. Including  the media. I think he should have faced
charges for incitment to riot. I think that's why  Trump decided to not have
his rally in Chicogo. If people had riotedhe could  have been blaimed for it.
Trump still promotes violence,telling police to be rough  on those they take
to jail. More than one of his video tweets have shown violence  toward others. 
The president shouldn't act like a school yard yard bully, but until people of
influencecall him down for his childish actions it will continue. joke, or just
politis. Well if anyone posted a video showing someone hitting him, they would
likely be in jail.

Still the GOP makes excuses for him, even laughing about it.  I wonder if the
video had been with a GOP senator or the speaker of the house, would they
still be laughing and saying "Oh it's just Trump." It just shows the GOP is still
cowing down to Trump and his followers. I think it's a terrible example by a
president, and his lack of respect  for others. Encluding the GOP.

The state department continues to suffer under the Trump administration.
Trump doesn't seem to understand that deplomacy does more to prevent wars
than the military does. Just like any family, the world community  needs to talk
with each other. Also to hold out a helping hand when a people  need help. In
the past before missiles it took hours if not days to start a war. Now it only
requires minutes. Without diplomats to pass along our ideas and plans otherwise
misunderstandings can start a conflict that could lead to a disaster affecting
millions of people.  A nuclear war would make the hurricane damage look like
what a thunderstorm might cause in compassion. Add killing radiation on
top of it.

general non-furry discussion / Re: Stephen King's "IT"
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on September 17, 2017, 11:03:30 am »
Clown's gone. ;)

news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on September 17, 2017, 09:01:19 am »
Trump day 240
President Trump is going home to New York on September 19
to make a speech at the United Nations. It will be interesting
to see if he can follow his teleprompter for the whole thing. Or
will he go nuclear and make a fool of himself and our country?

Personally I think the UN should be moved to Switzerland. It is
nothing but a nest of spies anyway. It would save New York a pie
of money with all the diplomats gone. It would still be able to
do what little good it does anyway.

Even with all the terrible weather we are having Trump and
the GOP still don't believe in Global warming. I guess they
will still be denying it when they have to use a boat to get
to the capital building in washington DC.

A book written by H Clinton  and her campaign was released
this past week. Trump felt he had to defend himself even
though he won the election.  Poor Trump he worries so much
when he hears people talk about him. Unless of course if
they call him "Great".

Some in the GOP are calling to have the military to
shoot down one of N Koreas missiles. This won't likely
change the mind of the N Koreans leader. If we missed
it would  give the N. Korean something to brag about.
If we did shoot it down he would likely call it an attack
against them. Let's save that for a missile that is headed
for us or an ally.

Congress is working on bills to place sanctions on China
to press them to not continue to trade with N Korea. Even
if China does end trade. Russia does a lot of trade with
N Korea as well. We should remember that during the
Korean war both China and Russia supported N Korea
with material and jet planes. They trained pilots and
even flew some against the american forces. Who's
to say they won't side with N Korea again even if
N Korea starts a war. China is saying they won't
support N Korea if they start a war, but only time
will tell.

word games / Re: Avatar caption game
« Last post by Firelight on September 16, 2017, 08:34:53 pm »
All you have is dreams? I'm looking for more then that!
general non-furry discussion / Re: Stephen King's "IT"
« Last post by Firelight on September 16, 2017, 07:18:41 pm »
My mom read it and threw it at the wall  :D
general non-furry discussion / Re: T G I F What are you doing this weekend?
« Last post by Firelight on September 16, 2017, 07:15:19 pm »
Watching Markiplier.
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