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furries on furry / Re: Walmart selling furstuit heads????
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on Today at 03:47:09 pm »
Went in a store after work today and found two new characters added to the pile--T-Rex and Monkey. The wearer of the T-Rex peers out of dark mesh in the open mouth. Still no canine characters.
general furry discussion / Re: Faded Furs
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on Today at 03:40:23 pm »
Lucky and Skuff Coyote (Don't Hug Cacti Studios) haven't been too active since they were GOH at MCFC 2015. Though a video may have been posted on their YouTube channel a few months ago. Lucky's FA page has been inactive for almost two years. Met Lucky at GLFC 2014 and had her draw in my sketch book. In addition to building fursuits, she was a clean artist. Ever so charming, she introduced me to Skuff as "My Other Boyfriend".  :-[

I seem to recall Lucky being at MFF in 2015, so they made it another few months unless I'm remembering someone else.
I can see how that might be true in some cases. I paid when I went as a human pony, but it was totally worth the chance to pull a cart around under bridle in a setting where it was welcome.

Having a human hitched to a cart and steered with a bit in his mouth seems like it would be out of place... except if the driver was Calypso. At one point a little girl pointed at me and said "Dad! I want one of those!" :D

Then on the way out (I pulled there and back) the sherrif's department cheered when she put me into a full gallop. It was a blast.
general furry discussion / Re: Faded Furs
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on Today at 03:35:46 pm »
Rapid T. Rabbit passed away earier this year. We were about the same age.

The Funday Pawpet Show has finally closed up shop.
general furry discussion / Re: Furry at Oregon state fair
« Last post by Rocket T. Coyote on Today at 03:29:43 pm »
Never done a state fair, but was invited out to fursuit at a county fair to help a non-profit public service chapter get started. Went not at the both, a handler took me around the fairgrounds. The poultry exhibits were understandably, off limits.
There was also a furmeet at the ren fest here in Michigan. Unfortunately, I missed it.

In the past, the folks who run the venue like the fursuiters to come out. If we chose a certain weekend, maybe they'd let us in for free, but we'd likely have to perform a stage act. Paying to come in while in costume seems self-defeating as you're an attraction/street act and not able to enjoy the event like a regular visitor.
Trump day 262
President Trump a man with little respect for the feelings of others
talked to the mother of one of the soldiers killed. He made a comment
that it getting killed was something her son accepted when he joined
the military. Such a cold unfeeling statement shows how little he
understands one of the basic requirements by a president to  give
comfort and respect to remaining family of those he sends into danger.
Instead he turns the whole issue in to a political football.

Now Trump claims he didn't say it. Trump has a habit to say others lie
to cover his mistakes or indiscression. He isn't a moral person. He didn't
even remember the soldiers name or the womans name.

Trump is trying to push tax reform /cuts, can't stay on subject as usual.
Just has to defend his self, no matter how imoral he acts.

The  attorney general is answering questions in committee today. About his
converstations with the Russians and the Trump campaign. He claimed he
didn't even talk with Russans, later he admitted talking with them.

The bipartisan work to reinstate the subsidies for the ACA is in work. Time
tell if it goes anywhere. Trump is for it one minute and against it the next.

general furry discussion / Re: Discovering your fursona
« Last post by AwesomeToaster on Today at 06:05:41 am »
There wasn't much more to it for me than "I like cats" :P

I've been playing a nekomimi since long before I ever became a furry. Through IRC I met some friends in a channel for osu! who were, respectively, a fairy debt collector, a cat (also a witch), and a human who turned into a rabbit girl from the moon when exposed to carrots; and I'd had a number of friends who were furries from my time in the Transcendence community (which has quite a large overlap with the furry community, for some reason...); so it seemed only fitting that I should be some kind of creature! And so, in my infinite creativity, I became...myself, but with cat ears.

Recently I've been making a new character, a female anthro flying fox, currently named "Sam". She came about because I'd been wanting to try out something else for a while, but I didn't want to just be a canine or a feline (I was kind of worried of being unoriginal), and during a discussion with a guy I met at MFF about what I would be if I had the courage and bank account to be a fursuiter, the idea of me being a bat came up, I think because I'm quite small and thin :P also because being able to fly would be awesome :3
traditional and digital artwork / Re: Furtopia DeviantART Group?-Poll!
« Last post by Varg the wanderer on October 17, 2017, 03:21:07 pm »
I'd be interested in it, but there will likely be a lot more logistics (Read: Time) involved than one might initially think.
news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on October 17, 2017, 09:29:46 am »
Trump day 261
President Trump took questions for 40 minutes. As usual he takes
questions then twists them to suit his self. He was asked about his
contacting the families of the soldiers killed in Africa. He tried twist
it to say Obama didn't do it, which Obam always did. Then after
pressed he said he planned to mail them a letter soon. This proves
Trump doesn't really care about the military as much as he claims.
It reminds me of when he was disrespectful to the Gold Star family
during the campaign. Even to say Mc Cain wasn't a good soldier
because he was captured. Perahaps Trump doesn't respect an
soldier who is captured or killed. Kind of seems that way.

It has been two weeks since the soldiers were killed. Trump has played
golf more than once since, so there he has no excuse for the delay.

Trump stood with the leader of the senate. Both claiming how friendly they
are. I hardly think friends would be cussing each other over the phone which
had been reported a few weeks ago. It seems all Trump has to do is tell the
GOP to jump, and they ask how far. They are kissing up to him. So sad.
Seems only members of the GOP who are willing to say what they think
about Trump are retiring.

A panel of professional psychiatrists claim Trump isn't mentally fit to  be president. In
fact they claim he a danger to the security of the country, and could at a moment of
rage could push the nuclear button. Under the 25th amendment Trump should be
removed from office until a bipartisan panel of psychiatrists can certify Trumps
mental health. I rather doubt this will happen because they know Trump would
retaliate against the GOP even if he was or wasn't cirtified as fit. So it's likely we will
stay in the hands of a man who is likely mentally ill. Who could start a nuclear war
during a tramper tantrum.

Congress should pass a law that would require congress to approve the use of
nuclear weapons except to respond to an nuclear attack. There is a bill in work
to do this, but the GOP is stalling it's passage. Odd as it would affect any
president, not just Trump.

President Trump has already hurt this countrys standing in the world. We are
not the beacon of hope for those who wish freedom, and has helped those
who wish to have total authority over their population. No longer do we
reach out to help people in other countries to gain more freedom.
We only help fight terrorists who might attack our homeland.

Trump wants to make the USA a business interprise instead of a country who
leads the world in the persuit of human rights and freedom.

Trump has no shame. Stoping subsidies to insurance for the ACA costs
us all.

They only have 30 working days in 2017 to finish the budget,
tax reform/cuts, health care, infrastructure, and several other
bills. I wonder how much they really manage to get done
this year.

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