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suggestion box / Advertising?
« Last post by BennyJackdaw on Today at 04:06:30 pm »
It doesn't seem like this forum is very active. Shame, cause I'm kind of liking it here. How's the best way I could advertise this forum?
Trump day 215
There is a report that president Trump called the leader
of the senate abpit why he wasn't protecting him (Trump)
from the Russian investigations in the senate. According to
reports the conversation was heated and filled with profanity
by Trump and the senate leader. This could add to Trumps
troubles as interference with the investigation. This time with
the senate.

Also there was an committee meeting that asked questions
from a man who wrote a dossier about the connnection with
the Trump campaign and the Russians. The meeting lasted
for 10 hours. It's possible a transcript of the meeting
may be made public. That hasn't been decided yet.

Here is something Trump supporters might like to know.. A
billionaire friend of Trump asked to to be given control of
carbon regulation for oil production. Just happened this
billionaire owns a oil refinery. By changing regulatory costs
his companies stock doubled in value. Netting the billionaire
hundreds of millions of dollars. Now the Trump administration.
is trying to cover for him. I wonder if Trump or his family
made any money over this?

Trump claimed he would shut down the government if the
democrats didn't support his boarder wall. Trump said Mexico
was paying for the wall. So why is Trump crying about the
democrats stopping the wall?  Trump should explain why
Mexico isn't going going to pay for it, and tell his supporters
he lied when he said Mexico was going to pay for it. If he does
shut the government down, I think it will hurt him and the GOP
much more that it will the democrats.

In his speech Trump spent a half hour blaming the media for all
his troubles. Troubles he has brought on his self. He also bad
mouthed GOP senators, and said he will work to defeat GOP
senators who don't give him their loyalty. Trump seems to think
all those in government should follow his every word or order.
This talk may make his supporters cheer, but it is a plan for
failure for his presidentcy.

Trump implied he would pardon the sheriff who was convicted
following a federal judges order. This man even lost his last
run for the office of sheriff. So most people didn't vote to keep
him in office. A pardon my hurt Trump in the long run.

In this speech once again Trump proves he thinks more of his
self than the country. He could have talked about others who
helped the country, and what people could do for the country.
Also to encourage our the people to come together instead of
dividing them.
furry greetings / Re: Hello from feline programmer :3
« Last post by Old Rabbit on Today at 08:44:32 am »
Welcome to furtopia RakshaTheCat.

"Tosses you a chocolate chip cookie of welcome."

Here is a brochure we hand to all new members. It
has some good info about the forum.

Here are some introductory questions you can answer if you like:
Mind telling us how you happened upon our friendly community?
How long have you been a furry / known about the fandom?
Do you have a fursona? If so, what is it?
What interests you about the anthropomorphic (furry) fandom?

Hope you enjoy your stay! Be prepared for an onslaught of warm welcoming hugs and pounces from fellow members! If you don't want the hugs, just let us know and your wish will be respected! Click on any of the gold-colored links above or below for further information. ;)

We also have an IRC chatroom you may want to join. Just enter your fursona name and start chatting! If you need help on accessing the Furtopia IRC, please see this thread here: How to use an IRC client

Please take the time to read the Furtopia Forum Posting Rules. This is a PG rated “family friendly” forum. Please also take the time to post your topics in the most appropriate section - it will be greatly appreciated by all. If you have a question or problem, or if you need help with anything on the Furtopia forums, then feel free to contact an Administrator or Moderator via PM (Private Message) or use the Report to Moderator button found in every post. Please let the Admins and Mods handle any problems that arise. :)

Old Rabbit :orbunny:
furry greetings / Re: Happy Birthday.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on Today at 08:18:47 am »
Happy Birthday to you Shim. One of our fine

I hope you have a fine day.

"Tosses you a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies
and an extra big cupcake with a candle on it."

Old Rabbit :orbunny:

the polling booth / Re: Would you like to be an android?
« Last post by Loc on August 22, 2017, 04:08:33 pm »
Locked due to gravedigging.
the polling booth / Re: Would you like to be an android?
« Last post by RakshaTheCat on August 22, 2017, 03:38:19 pm »
Sure, would happily put my brain into a better body (would rather not end up as a Roomba if I can help it). And if I can pick its shape, make it nice and fluffy and feline looking, then would happily get rid of my current one even now >:3

I'm not really keen on dying part. I mean, being dead is kind of boring, had no fun before I was born, I usually have no fun while sleeping (if my consciousness is shut down completely, like, not dreaming), and there would be no more fun possibilities after death either...
the polling booth / Re: Anthropomorphic animal or feral?
« Last post by RakshaTheCat on August 22, 2017, 03:16:10 pm »
Anthro since its more practical. Wouldn't mind being able to shape shift into feral (why is it called like that anyway?) just for the fun of it though :3
furry greetings / Hello from feline programmer :3
« Last post by RakshaTheCat on August 22, 2017, 02:57:23 pm »
Random feline who likes things that move and can be played around with. I also like programming, because it can make things move!

As for fandom, I like anthro art and I'd love to see more interactive one. Hoping one day to be a part of small team who will mix story with visual art, sprinkle it with audio/music, glue it together with code (that would be my part) and get a nice small anthro themed game out of it :3
news forum / Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Last post by Old Rabbit on August 22, 2017, 09:37:37 am »
Trump trying to see the eclipse without protection
is more about ignorance than being stupid. Trump
has a bad habit of thinking he knows it all. Which
is rather childish. Could be a sign of mental defect
as well.

Trump day 214
President Trump made a speech on the war in afganistan. Trump seems to
want to wear down the Taliban instead of defeating them or leaving. This
could drag out the war to who knows when. Trump also told Packastan they
need to stop giving aid and support of the Taliban or other terrorist groups.
I wonder how they respond to that? They provide paths to move materieals
into afganistan. Also he wants India to help, it's doubtful Packastand will like
India's military moving into satanist, or doing anything else for that matter.
Russia has been rearming the Taliban. I wonder why Trump didn't mention

Trump said we should get out of afganistan during his campaign. Did his
generals talk him into attacking the Taliban again?  Who can say. I wonder
if Trump made this speech trying to change the subject with the media. I
mean he called the VP back early from a trip. The VP wouldn't have been on
a trip if this had been in planning for a while. Also the first part of
his speech was about how much he is against hate in the military
and country.

He didn't appoligize for saying there are fine people in the white
supremists, and other hate groups. This move to upgrade the war
afganistan could come back to bite Trump. Many of his supporters
want us out, not deeper into it.

At first Trump called the anti hate people that  protested
in Boston Anti police. Then changed his tweet to call the
protesters good. I wonder who got Trump to change it?
Trump should learn how to spell, or check his spelling
before posting tweets. To heal isn't spelled "Heel"

Trump is heading to Arizona on tuesday Aug 22 for a ralley.
I wonder if he follows his tele prompter or goes into Trump
mode to get cheers? Time will tell.

If there is a big anti Trump crowd outside the ralley for
Trump. It could be very combustible.
the polling booth / Re: Removing Confederate statues and memorials.
« Last post by Shim on August 22, 2017, 07:03:52 am »
I think it's sad that our country is still divided by the civil war. At
the end we should have worked to heal the nation, not just repair
it structurally, but mentally.

As Obama said people aren't born with hate or racist feelings. We
learn it. We should try to educate the young to understand
differences in culture and how to respect each other.

It only takes a few misguided people to ruin public
harmony. Ignorance endangers us all.

Confederate monuments without a plaque giving
the true history about the monument can be
misleading. Especially when in a government
setting. Hiding true history is bad as it can cause
us to repeat it.

*appreciative snaps*
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