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Well sometimes when you fallow recipes things still go wrong. I have a problem. But I still have four nice and eatable loaves of bread. Same flour ( Pillsbury bread flour ) same yeast well same everything. Except a different recipe. This turned into the bread with the least amount of flavor I've made to date. It's only saving grace is a thick crunchy crust. If I make this recipe again it's not going to be bread. It'll be long crunchy bread sticks covered with butter, olive oil and garlic. The crust reminds me of the taste of pretzels.

The problem I'm having is ripping dough. When forming dough into it's final shape it's good to get a tight outer skin. You do this by stretching the dough as you tuck it to the underside. When i do this the dough rips. I asked and got an answer to this problem. Looks like I'm to aggressive. I end up ripping the dough wile kneading it. Whoda thought anyone could be to aggressive when kneading.  :D

Really hope all this is inspiring enough for you to give bread making a shot. Because it's not only fun. It's a hobby you can eat. If you live in a place that has an oven the only thing you need to buy would be two bread pans. If your not sure buy good all purpose flour. Like Pillsbury or King Arthur. The gluten content in both of these is high enough to make great bread.
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« Last post by Loc on Today at 05:17:51 pm »
Organised my bookshelves today. Which is a big feat, I have a lot of books. Still not entirely finished, but my knees gave out from kneeling on a wooden floor, so now I'm lying in bed with a cup of tea in some amount of pain.

But at least my bookshelves look nice.
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« Last post by Avan on Today at 04:56:04 pm »
Aury> Attempting to do art
Thanks, you too!

I like the drawing. How that lucky stinker get to ride in the sleigh instead of pulling it with the others? ;)
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« Last post by Sir_Party_Snax on Today at 03:59:25 pm »
When you prance around naked in the snow.
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« Last post by Michen_S on Today at 03:10:51 pm »
Last night, I dreamt about meeting a big, living stuffed animal. You made my dream come true.
It's the holiday season once more. Here is an old drawing I did
several years ago for the holidays.

A Santa badger with skunks pulling his sleigh.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:
What a joke this is.  :D I am literally laughing at this right now! So now Trump and his crooked cronies can limit "freedom of speech" by telling people what words they can use? How ridiculous! So now they can't use "science-based" or "evidence-based"? What are we supposed to use now.......Faith-based?
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« Last post by Kobuk on Today at 09:37:17 am »
Finishing watching Season 5 of the new Dr. Who series today, then moving on to Season 6. Matt Smith is fairly ok as the Doctor, but not one of my favorites.
How far will Trump go? Requiring government workers to not use words like
Transgender, scientific evidence, ect in their public reports.

I know government workers have limits on public comments for
politics, but thisisn't about political statements. The GOP has fought
against ideas their big business supporters don't agree with for years.
Now Trump has joined the battle.

The following link has more info on the subject.
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