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Avatar and Signature Sizes Updated.
« on: March 23, 2009, 09:35:03 pm »
From time to time on Furtopia, members have expressed desire to post bigger signature pics and/or present more info. in their signatures. The Furtopian staff have discussed this issue and we have decided to change our avatar and signature rules to the following. Please also remember that avatars and signatures must follow all other rules for language, content, etc. when you post them. ;) Also, if you need help with your avatar, then please see this thread here:,38972.0.html

8. a. The images in signatures can be no bigger than 450 pixels wide by 150 pixels high in total and must also not be more than 100 KB.  This size limit is for all images combined, not just for individual images. This is done for the sake of modem users' bandwidth since they have enough to download as it is with the board pages and related graphics. Additionally, it becomes very ungainly to see a large picture repeated several times down the page that contains any given thread.

Note: Some signature services (such as generate images that are too big.  If you use a generated signature, please make sure it is within limits.

    b. Use of avatars can be furry art that you drew yourself or someone created an avatar for you, animals, or a personal pic of yourself.  Use of anything else requires permission from a mod. Avatar sizes can be no bigger than 100 pixels high x 100 pixels wide, and must also be no more than 50 KB.
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