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Rules Clarification
« on: July 05, 2006, 05:32:11 am »
The mods/staff have been working on updates and clarifications to the rules and they will be released shortly. Here are some points that have been discussed and reviewed:

Why is Furtopis's rules diffrent from other forums?

Furtopia was created as a place where furs/individuals regardless of diffrences can come together to share discussion through the requirement of "shared respect".  Ie: you are free to share and you are free to disagree here provided you ALWAYS respect the feelings/opinions those you discuss with HERE.

Tones must be kept civil, arguments should be asked without baiting, jokes are welcome but may not make someone a target/put down. So if a joke or comment is at someone elses expense (makes a target of them) it doesn't belong.  This kind of action or "bullying" will NEVER be permited here.

We "require" the rule of respect here becouse it is a tool if used allows people/furs of many diffrences to hold GOOD discussions and share.

All public all "discussions" in the main forums will remain Family friendly. *Ie: It's always possible to emphasize your words in more eloquent and intelligent way, and the fact that it’s almost always inappropriate to use swearing when trying to discuss and keep respect to other members.  So best advice is “talk smarter, not harder.”

*=Thanks to Far_Raptor for that GREAT way of putting this!

Exceptions: Becouse it's art any PERSONAL artwork (art, music, stories/poetry, but NOT photos) in the "furry arts discussion" group will be allowed to have "mild" profanity, violence, and tasteful nudes will allowed.  

Anything over these ratings must be posted in the mature "Adult" section of the Furtopia forums.

Again Furtopia is a place of "discussion through required respect" . So understand Furtopia is NOT like most other forums on the net as our standards to conduct ARE diffrent.

A more detailed rules update will be made available as things are finished up.
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