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As you can likely see from looking at the main board page, I've been assigning moderators to some of the forums on the board here. Previously, the main admins at the site (WhiteShepherd, Kada-Ru, and myself) had global moderator power here and we continue to have that ability.
The only new changes, as of today, are that I've given the rest of the staff a new pip and a bit of extra access at the board here, plus I've given each artist a moderator status and related powers in their respective artist discussion forums.
In the coming weeks, I'll be filling up the rest of the forums with moderators so that each one has coverage from furry creative folk with talents that may be useful to each of those respective forums. I may also be adding in additional moderators to those forums that are already covered.
If you'd like to volunteer as a moderator, feel free to contact me and tell me what you wish to do and why you feel you'd be the right fur for the job. I much prefer setting up moderators who have some sort of proven expertise in the topic of the forum that they which to cover, so please keep that in mind and be prepared to show me some examples of what you do.
Much thanks goes to anyfur that dares to volunteer.
I've also set up the board to use the 'report' feature. Basically, you can see the 'Report' link in the bottom right of each post. Only use this in the case of reporting a post that may be deemed offensive, such as a flame or flamebait. DO NOT abuse this feature, or I shall have to abuse you.

Excuse me while I CPR an old topic...
There we go...
Please welcome our new moderator, MidnightDragon, who's current responsibility is to help cover some of our more artsy type forums here.
Thanks for helping out, dwaggy.

Congrats Midnight! Good Luck on your new responsibilities.

Heh, the only differance is I can actualy enforce keeping the topics on track, nothing more. Im still me with the same responsibilities to the people in Furtopia as before. And thanks for the congrats

Welcome to the team MidnightDragon,

I wish you the best.
Sorry that my comments are late, I was at AC when this happened.

*huge folfy hugs*

The frendly weird fofly


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