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This Tuesday will mark the one year anniversary of the installation and founding of the bulletin board services here on Furtopia. The exact date that marks the forums' beginning is November 25, 2002.
Happy b-day, forums!

With one year now in the books and under our wings, I'd like to thank everyone involved in helping make this service as successful as it has become.
It's also a great time to reflect on the highs and lows of this past year, which was a year of much growth and development complimented with a long list of new friendships made and relationships strengthened through the community afforded by a tool such as this BBS's software.
We currently have over 400 member accounts in the board, which means we had an average of 1.1 new registrations per day throughout this past year. That's not bad at all for being the new board on the block.
The users here have hit on many, many interesting and relevent topics, and I'd also like to thank every one of the users (staff included) here for helping maintain such a friendly, family-like atmosphere here. I feel that it's one of these forums' greatest selling points.
Like any other board, we've had our fair share of the trolls making messes here, but we've been very dilligent here with cleaning up the messes and getting on with our furry lives.
*lifts a can of Dr Pepper*
Thanks for being a part of our forums' first year, and here's to many more successful years to come!
*toasts with the can of Dr Pepper, then takes a chug of it*


Yay!!! (twirls those little noisy things) Happy BD Furtopia forums.

*edit* I was thinking about Furtopia and the forums while I was doing dishes and I realized something. The forums were created (born) 9 months after Furtopia was created! How freaky is that?

That's pretty freakin' freaky!
Now I guess we have solid evidence of the gestation period of bulletin boards.


Never thought of that before!

WHOO! Birthdays!! Can I bring a cake?  


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