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Wuffish emoticons!

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Yeah, we've got some more emoticons thrown into the fray here. They're a set of golden lupine/canine emoticons that the wuffy type furs around here may enjoy.
To make use of these, you'll have to click the Emoticons Help Card, which can be found below your post input box, and you'll have to either copy and paste in the text for those emoticons or type them in yourself.
Here're some of them...
And so on...
Much thanks to the Brazilian fur that created these emoticons for use on various furry BBSes.

I can't remember how many times I really could've used this one.

Varg the wanderer:
 hehe, sweet. thies are awsome

YAY! No more just kitty smilies.

Gray Wolf:
Well... You do know that there are some gray, white and black ones, right? ^_^" Sorry if I'm bothering saying this.


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