Author Topic: Heeelllllpppp! I need a proper picture of Winter! Furry commission art -trade-!  (Read 1241 times)

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For a long time, I still haven't gotten a -proper- professional drawing of my fursona, Winter!

So, I am reaching out to see if there is anyone that could do a professional/ really good online/computer drawing of my fursona's head!

..... Though, there is one catch, I can't really pay for it  :P. BUT WAIT!!!!!!!! I CAN DO A TRADE!!!!!!
YES! I can do a trade.
*I won't be trading a picture though.
You see, I am an advanced supercomplex level origami artist!
I make the most complicating, detailed designs, some have over -5000- folds!!!!
All you need to do is ask what I should make, and I will do it!
Suggestion; maybe the animal of your fursona?

So, this is the plan:
1. We make an agreement on the trade
2. I give you details and such about my fursona, and you start drawing
3. You ask me what origami model I should make for you (*I will help you if you don't know what to pick)
4. Once the drawing is finished and I receive it, Just give me your address and I will mail it to you! (Don't worry, I am like 14 years old, I am not a serial killer that is going to send you a bomb to your front door :P!)
Sooooo yeah!
*Also, it would be helpful if you can show me some examples of your previous work, via email! If you can give me your email for convenience, that would be splendid! (My email is in my information page)
If you don't want to email me, just follow me on Twitter and I will follow you back, and we can use the private message option (In fact, I would prefer this):).

Notify me through a PM also please!

If you have any questions, PLEASE ASK! I will be spam-checking this thread for a -really long time- until someone gives an offer :) ;) :)!
Here some examples of what I can do!(Though remember, I can always do a different design/ model if you don't like the one in the picture, and these pictures don't limit what I can make! I can make -ANYTHING-:

I hope someone can help me! :) Thanks fur-friends!
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I am sorry, but I don't draw wolves well enough to help. But I am amazed at
your origami.

I find it fascinating in how you design folds in a single sheet of paper to have it
end up looking like a animal. Such a thing would require considerable planning I
would think.

I presume it's done with a single sheet anyway.

Sure is a lot better than the old paper planes, hats, and cups I used to  make.  :D

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I can trade and would  ***love***  an origami piece they are exquisite! I can do digital or non-digital artwork depending on what you think is the most fitting.