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Vector drawing in Flash
« on: July 01, 2005, 12:57:20 pm »
Just a note to say that the method of drawing straight into computer that I've found the most useful is using Flash MX by Macromedia.

You've all seen Flash animations on the net at one point or another (possibly just as a particularly annoying advert, or a proper cartoon). These are delightful little things made using vectors where the file saves only the shapes used, and not exact pixels. The result is an easy to edit image which can scale to any size.

This is what I use to do my pictures. Basically I do a freehand sketch with my mouse (horribly messy, doesn't matter) then trace over it on a different layer. Flash has two options for this, the pen tool, or the line tool. Now the pen tool is probably the way to do it, but I'm used to lines now and prefer the extra control.
Basically I just draw lines and curve them to match up roughly with my free-hand sketch, the result being a nice perfect image with no rough edges (except those that I intend). My favourite piece is the one used as my avatar here, and as you can see by the gallery and shop on my site, the image scales to different sizes quite happily.

This method isn't limited to only cartoony (ie simple colouring) pictures though! It's a great way to enter line-art which you can transfer at a nice high resolution into Photoshop to then add more detailed colouring, texturing and effects.

Just thought I'd share, as drawing straight into Photoshop can be a nightmare, especially if you don't have the equipment (I have a wireless mouse!) and want to be able to make adjustments easily. For me my original proportions are usually wrong, so the ability to quickly and easily adjust them is a life saver!