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« on: September 23, 2004, 02:14:42 am »
I had never considered doing art as a profession, until I first drew my character Leon.  basic anthro lion, who now, first looked like some kind of monkey. But to me then, when I first drew him I had a surge of  fealing I never before experienced.  For three years I have been working on him, and a few others as well, and somehow in the meantime developed considerable skill in backgrounds, foregrounds, cityscapes to forestry. And upon my first true art request discovered I had something.

A short while later I come on to the internet, and find my self horribly behind, even for my age. But what mattered is I had what it takes, and thats more then some great artists had before they got into what they did I hear. So I developed the idea that I will persue art to no end.

I have taken what I think is a rather good standing on art. I want to do it ALL! I can sing, I can carry a beat, I can cook, I can do paints, I can use graphite to a great extent, I can do mind bending patterns, I got a good feal for Disney style art, I have my own style of art, I am trying to take on hard edge goth art, I'll delve into anime art. And, I can write. But what I feal I must ask for assistance on, is making my current abilities in pencil work even better, more realistic, more emotionally involving, more inspiring.

Could I get some help with drawing the fur of animals? The musculature? How about stances, and motion? Not only animals, though, how about humans? I need desperate help with the faces, cause I feal I must have a human balance to my furry output. I see many artists leaving furry late in the game cause they discovered they didnt do enough of the other stuff, Id like to avoid that. Plus, if I could do human musculature, I can make my anthros even more convincing. Id like help with getting the hatching of sketching right so I capture the texture of fur, rock, grass, wood, water, skin, sky and cloud better. Later on, I will ask for assistance on throwing in color equally efectively as well.

Basically, Im asking for a teacher, I want someone to tell me to do a certain exercise, draw a certain thing, then help me figure out what I need to work on. I have no art teacher at the school I go to, I have no personal incentive to do this on my own yet,  I need to know someone is looking forward to what I do, as I have a bad habit of ignoring myself, what I personally am looking forward to seeing myself do.

This is by no means a full time commitment to whoever considers this, I can afford to take my time, adn I am quite patcient. I understand that any person who decides to help has a life and dream of thier own, and I do have two to three years before I feal I would need all this most. I just want to take this as far as I can go.
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