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Making things Glowy and shiny
« on: December 05, 2005, 05:12:01 pm »
I have adobe Imageready CS2 (Free trial because I'm cheap, lol.) and I was wondering: how I could make things look like they're glowing, or shiny?

Thanks!  '<img'>
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Making things Glowy and shiny
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2005, 08:27:36 pm »
try adding a slight yellow tone
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Making things Glowy and shiny
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2005, 12:59:47 am »
*This is from a Photoshop point-of-view*

It depends on the object.  If you're just doing a basic glow, usually a soft white overtone works pretty well.  You can get that by either using a soft brush, using the airbrush feature, and/or putting the would-be glowing effect on a seperate layer and adjusting the opacity of the layer to fit the situation.

Also, a dark background can make "glowies" that much more powerful.

As for shiny objects, again it depends on the object.  Something that's organic would have a duller and less uniform shine on it than something that's metal, and that rule gets bent a little when you add liquid into the equation.

I hope that helps a bit.  Feel free to ask should you have any more questions.  Good luck!

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Making things Glowy and shiny
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2005, 01:42:36 am »
Take the object, make it very light, or white, then in a layer or something behind it (I don't use imageready, never have), put the color, getting darker as it spreads out.  '<img'>
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