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mini tutorial
« on: June 19, 2003, 05:59:16 pm »
umm i posted this a while ago but i dont think most people saw it, because it was like in jadnar's private little forum. So uhh im going to repost it here.

the tutorial is for making the background that i have on my avatar, it looks cool i guess. so here it is.

Very Perty And Colorful, Definatly catches the eye.

*eyes pop out and get stuck to image*


Though seriously, it looks very nice. I kinda wonder how you did the background there. All I did was take a 3D model that I made, took a pic, threw it on there, some text and text effects and a cloudy background, all with the inovations of PhotoShop. ^_^ Lol

How the heck do you do that background?

well i already sorta told you jandanr but for the benefit of everybody else (in  photoshop 7).....
Step 1 is to fill a blank space with a lightly shade of whatever color dosent matter
step 2 Take the airbrush and start scribbling randomly on the background. use at least 3 different shades.
Step 3 Filter>liquify   now swirl and play around till those shades are nice and mixed up.
step 4 Filter>texture>stained glass (this creates the homeycomb effect)
step 5 Filter >artistic>plastic wrap (this creates cool looking lines in the picture you will see soon)
step 5 Image>mode>greyscale (where did my colors go?)
step 6 Image> Mode>indexed color (they are coming back i promise)
step 7 image>mode>color table a window will appear with a drop down menu, select balck body on the drop down menu then press ok. (OOOOO its firery)
step 8 image>mode>RGB (things work more smoorthly in rgb usually)
step 9 image> adjustments >invert (brrrrrr its kold in here!
note: depending on what shades you use and how you mix them this background will come out a little different every time.


umm yea, enjoy your icy background

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