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« on: January 19, 2008, 11:50:22 pm »
Alright, if you think your piece would really help, I'm looking to learn a particular angle. I always do my characters from front quarter view, or from the side, and I want more variety. So right now, I'm looking for two angles: One that's between front-quarter, and front view, and one that's front quarter, looking just slightly down at the character. I'll give an example of what I've got, below...

This is an enlarged version of my avatar. What I'm looking for, is variations of this angle...I want to see a piece that's slightly more turned towards the viewer, and one that's looking the same direction, only viewed from a bit higher up. If you think you have a piece that matches this description, I'd like for you to post it here, or send it, so I can study it, and cease failing for once in my life. If I can't learn more angles, I can hardly consider myself an artist, regardless of other opinions.




Although I doubt anyone is going to respond to this, at this point, if you do plan on doing so, don't bother. I just don't care anymore. Thanks.

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