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Spray Fixative
« on: April 17, 2010, 12:27:49 pm »
Ah, it's Fenrir again, this time with a question regarding spray fixatives that I discovered at the local Hobby Lobby today.

It's a brand called Blair Spray Fixative, specifically, it's the "Very Low Odor" kind.  Now I read the can and it says that you can spray it on a pencil, chalk, or pastel drawing and it will create a matte finish where you can continue drawing on top of and not smudge the previous layer.

I'm interested in it because I very rarely draw pictures with more than one character because otherwise I smudge one or the other as I draw...and since I want to have some spectacular army illustrations for The Shadow of the Dog Lord, I'm curious if anyone has ever used this (or any other kind of spray fixative) and whether or not it works the way it says it does.  I don't want to spend half a day drawing the first rank in an army, and to spray it with fixative and have it ruined.

Thanks for any help,

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Re: Spray Fixative
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2010, 12:36:30 pm »
I used to use it and it works well, but I never applied it until I was completely finished with a drawing. Then I moved to a fresh sheet.

These days however, I draw with a Wacom tablet or with a mouse. Pixels don't smear... unless you want them to.

Added in Edit: Oh, never lay fixative on too thick. Just lightly "dust" your drawing with it, let it dry, lightly spray it again, let it dry again, then apply a third and final coat. It helps if you shoot each coat from a different angle. That way, it coats every side of the tooth of the paper.
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