Author Topic: Using "Smudge" tool to create fur!  (Read 1949 times)

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Using "Smudge" tool to create fur!
« on: September 12, 2008, 07:30:56 pm »
First off, I will be using GIMP (basically a free version of photoshop, but with out the tons of support.) but it will be very easy to modify this to suit the needs of PS (Photo-shop) users! :)

Essentially, the idea is to use the smudge tool to bring out very thin lines which will appear as fur once completed. So there will be much repetition, but it's easy and actually doesn't take that long.

For my example, I will be using just a fat line of color, yours may be shaded or curved or whatever, but the same rules and instructions still apply.

Once you have your color ready to be fur-a-fyed select a small paintbrush and the smudge tool (the one of the finger). And make sure you have a high rate set (I used ~70-80), that option makes the smudge last longer, so that it doesn't "run out" as fast and therefore draws the complete fur line. I'm not sure if that option is the same name in PS users, but I'm sure something exists for you too!
The plan here is to start from inside the color (it doesn't have to be near the edge [as long as you don't have shading!], since the smudge tool works by "grabbing" the color as it goes and as soon as it hits the edge, it will fade, which is what we want). The best part is that you can go fast here, and a bit of randomness looks better!
**Important note!! Make sure that you smudge in the path of the fur! By that I mean, use the smudge tool in the direction that the fur flows. In my example, the fur flows to the right.**

Once you've completely drawn out the fur lines for as much as you want, it's now time to give the fur some more definition, more like it covers the skin since it looks like pricks or hair coming out of skin right now.
So select a smaller rate for the smudge tool (I used ~50-65 for mine [remember that's with GIMP, so PS may be different]). And basically do the reverse of what you were doing! Go from the outside "background" of the fur layer to inside the fur, against the flow of the fur. This will result in a more "clumpy" fur like style, which I think works well since most fur isn't flat with a few hairs sticking out, it's clumps of fur with some strands showing up. Here you can see on the example I was doing from before (although it is a bit grainy, sorry!).

And here is what a final product could potentially look like (this was taken from the full drawing of my fursona).

I hope you find my style of fur creation useful! :)
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Re: Using "Smudge" tool to create fur!
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2008, 06:33:29 am »
very handy Lawrence, and rather easy to convert to PS language  8)

Please give 'em a click ^..^