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Furthest North Summer 2012
« on: May 06, 2012, 03:11:48 pm »
It's 3 months away... Mark your calenders: Furthest North 2012!

TL;DR Details:
When: August 3 - 6, 2012.
Where: Deer Creek campground (160km from Calgary)
Costs: $10 basic registration.  $100 for registrations including food.  $200 patron membership.
Website (They haven't updated for this year yet, check later!)

Expanded detail:
Quote from: thallanor
I have not updated the web site nor registration for Furthest North yet but I wanted to give those interested a preview of the event for this summer.

This will be Furthest North's tenth year and I would first like to offer my sincere thanks to everyone who has attended over these past few years. It is greatly appreciated and truly humbling to see such a turnout.

As for details, I have booked the Deer Creek Flats group campground for August 3-6. This is the same location that Furthest North was first held at and I have heard many positive comments regarding this location. It seems fitting that for our tenth year that this is where we are located. I'm also hoping that by being in close proximity to Calgary (only 160 km!) that we can see more of you guys there. This isn't an Edmonton event... I was going to say it's an Alberta event but even that's not true - we've seen people from as far east as Nova Scotia and as far south as California attending, and I'd love to see more of you guys from Cowtown. :)

Also, for the tenth year, basic attending-only registrations are only $10. It is hoped that this will encourage others that have been on the fence to make their way out. The site actually charges per person attending and that works out to $25 per person, but I'm looking to take a loss in order to give people an opportunity that they might not otherwise have. It truly is worth it.

Registration with food has been increased slightly though to $100. I think that if you look at it though - three nights/four days with food, that this is still an incredible deal. We're also looking to throw a t-shirt into this registration tier as well.

Patron membership will cost $200. This will include all of the above, but I'm also working to toss in some trinkets (think keychains or the like) as well as limited edition prints from the event, as well as artwork and other things to commemorate past events.

Then of course there is the rave on Saturday and Sunday nights which just continue to get better and better. Those who attended last year or see photographs and video from last year (soon to be available through the web site) will agree that with the hard work of several members and the addition of professional audio equipment, laser light shows, etc. is bringing this to a new level entirely. We hope to push this even further this year.

I have some ideas for events and other things to kick off our tenth year and to make this something amazing, but most of my notes are at home and not on me. I'll update this soon though with more information. I'm truly excited for this event and I encourage you all to be active in it as we proceed to make this an event to be remembered for a very long time!

You know the drill! Any questions or concerns, e-mail me at or PM me here or respond to me here in this thread. Our forums are getting gutted shortly at so this is the best place - plus everyone can see if you ask a question they might have been thinking too.

Have a great one everyone and talk to you soon!
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