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Midwest Furfest.
« on: August 02, 2005, 11:53:26 pm »
Although Midwest Furfest is only about four months away, I have always wondered why the organizers of that event have to have it about a week before Thanksgiving and all the retail store sales? Don't the organizers realize that a lot of furs might be working in retail business and won't be able to go to the con due to the fact some furs have to set up Thanksgiving sales and promotions? Wouldn't attendance go down because of this con being so close to the Thanksgiving holiday? How stupid are these organizers anyway? Can't they move the con to a different date? Last year back in late Spring I asked to have off for Midwest Furfest in 2004. As the date for the con got nearer and nearer, the chores that I had to do and the merchandise that came in to the store that needed to be put away became more and more. I did get the time off that I asked for, but a few days before the con, my workload got so bad to the point that I had to "voluntarily" back down and could not go to the con. ':goldcry:' Midwest Furfest happens to be the only furcon closest to me that I can go to. But why oh why does it have to be so close to a major holiday that retail businesses are getting ready for? Something really needs to be done to change this. It really does. '<img'>
Anybody have similiar experiences?

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