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What was your first con like?
« on: April 02, 2012, 12:20:11 am »
We have lots of threads about cons and whose going, but rarely do we ever discuss them. So let me ask you all something :).

What was your first furry convention experience like? Which con, what year? How did it go for you? What did you like? Dislike?

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Re: What was your first con like?
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2012, 02:22:55 am »
FurIdaho, last week.

Went well. 10% Awesome, 75% great, and 15% bleh.

Liked the furries. I had met a lot of them through Facebook and they were great in person.

I wished the con was bigger with more con-related things to do, but it was a first-year con in Idaho. I wasn't expecting to be going non-stop.
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Re: What was your first con like?
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2012, 02:27:32 am »
Rocky Mountain Fur Con, 2011.

I had only really met furs IRL about a month before, really did not know what to expect. Thanks to some awesome furs from Utah, (THANK YOU THAY!) I had one of the greatest experiences of my life. I had a shakedown run on my suit, been around a few, so it was not my first time around people, but I was a bit overwhelmed.

One thing that stands out was my first fursuit parade. Everyone gathering before the parade, was awesome in itself. A room full of fur. Then the call was given to get ready. Heads on, massing towards the door. It was really exciting, I was actually a part of this! Exiting the ballroom, walking down the hallway, people watching, laughing, cameras flashing. I could hear people calling out "OH a skunk!" or "Skunky!" it was incredible, to the point of joyful tears (mixed with a lot of sweat! :))

Even heading out on food runs, or hanging out with everyone, was cool as well. Cycling between the pool, hot tub, sauna, was a great recharge.

There was a bit of furry drama, it sort of goes with being furry, but everyone was respectable. Did not have anything happen around me that I could not mention to my mother. Even the PCD was not too bad.

It is an experience that I will remember as long as I have a memory, hopefully with many more fur cons as well. 8)
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Re: What was your first con like?
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2012, 09:39:06 am »
ConFuzzled 2010.

It was great fun despite getting into trouble at one point. Nevertheless, there was no shortage of like-minded individuals (as you might expect) and among many things, I enjoyed chatting to other furries. As a bonus, here is some footage from CF 2010 (I'm the white-faced grey wolf in the brown jacket, etc.):

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Re: What was your first con like?
« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2012, 01:49:50 pm »
Midwest Furfest 2005.  I was extremely excited to finally meet people who loved cartoon animals as much as I did.  I was by myself, so walking into the hotel alone while so many people already knew each other was a little daunting at first.  Actually, here's an excerpt from my write-up for "My First Furry Con"--

I arrived at the hotel around 6:00 that evening honestly not knowing what to expect but looking forward to the unexpected.  Hey, what can I say...I'm an adventurous gal.  When I got there, I didn't see anyone or thing that looked remotely furry so I began nervously searching for signs--a tail, a shirt with a wolf on it, ANYTHING.  My search was soon over as I noticed several guys walk by me with long black trench coats--the universal symbol of the nerd/outcast (I'm not mocking--I have one too, and so does my husband and many of my friends). 

I came across a group of people talking, and since I'm a rather friendly person I walked up to them to introduce myself.  This is how the conversation went:

Me: Hello! 
Them: Uhmm...hi...
Me:  This is my first furry con, and I just wanted to meet some new people.  So how goes it?
Them: *stare*
Me: Ho-kay...Uh, so where's registration?
Them: *stare*  Down there.  It opens at 7. *stare*
Me:  Um.  Alrighty then.  Nice talkin' to ya.

So much for furries being friendly.    Yeah, I realize that most of these people have limited social skills, but a simple "hello" would've been nice.  My theory that internet is killing common social courtesy was proving itself.

Luckily the evening got better when I went to a supposed meet-up, and found two other guys hanging out.  We all started talking, ended up going out to dinner and hung out together for the rest of the convention.  They even helped me at my artists alley table by pimping my work to the masses.  I also met my first furry friend at that time and we still chat and hang out together to this day whenever he comes to the states (he's from Canada).  I had a great time overall, and that pretty much sealed me into the furry con circuit.

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Re: What was your first con like?
« Reply #5 on: April 07, 2012, 03:59:30 pm »
FCN 2009

Arrived for Sunday only. Visited a few panels--Milfurs and Creative Writing--IIRC. Got invoved in the Fursuit Games. Nbowa reached Uncle Kage first during Red Light/Green Light, but I got close. There was a headless lounge in a suite upstairs and a curtained-off area in the grand ballroom that time. A fun time. Everyone was very nice. Hugged by several fursuiters, including Tiltpaw. The Dorsai Irregulars even wanted a picture with me.

The next year, I went to FCN for the whole weekend and even hosted a panel.
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Re: What was your first con like?
« Reply #6 on: April 07, 2012, 04:23:27 pm »
My boyfriend and I went out to Further Confusion in 2006. It was also our first time on a plane. We crashed with a bunch of friends who had, the previous summer, moved from Philly out to Cali. We stayed at an amazing house in a National Forest, too. Waking up in the mornings was amazing. The guy who owned the place also had a ridiculously huge malamute/husky who liked to cuddle.

The convention was pretty typical for conventions, as we'd both staffed anime cons beforehand. Mostly, it was more an issue of weeding out who we knew and who we didn't, but the friends we were staying with knew everyone we knew, so that was easy enough.

Looking back, the dealer's room was itty bitty in comparison to, say, Anthrocon now.

Honestly, it was just a convention. I didn't feel like it was anything more special than other cons I've been to. I'd love to do FC again, since it takes place at a time of year when all the teenagers are in school. Unlike Anthrocon, which is undoubtedly a summer party convention and brings in a lot of obnoxious kids.

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Re: What was your first con like?
« Reply #7 on: April 08, 2012, 10:59:04 am »
I went to the very first official Aus furcon, with my brother and another fellow years ago. Unfortunately the other fellow irritated me and demanded that we do everything except spend time at the actual con. Not to mention I didn't know anyone there and the only other furtopian left early due to illness. I didn't even get to meet him. ;;

One of these days I might give it another go, if more furtopians would be there. Or I could always drag along some of my non-fur friends who would think it's a hoot.