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*MERFLE* Can't make up my mind.

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Maybe I'm just goin' nuts. Twouldn't be the first time.

I feel like every other day I'm a new species...well...not new, really. Some days, I'm a roocoon, other days I'm a plain coon.

I lik 'em both...the coon more, sometimes, just because he seems to fit me. But everyone seems to think my hybrid is original...and almost as cute as my wolfy bro. *hugs Patrick*

I have mostly art of the roocoon, he's apparently a lot of fun to draw; whereas the coon is just a coon...I dunno. Everyone else seems to connected with their species.
Am I going crazy?
Or am I just afraid of being plain?

Your rambling razzled coon.
Kyle / Kit

You're not going crazy, Kit.   This is something I've been poking around with myself.  I know I'm some kind of feline...  the question is, which?  Right now I'm sticking with lioness, but there are days when I'm not so sure.

I'm not too worried about it...  It's kinda like my deal with religion.  When I know enough, then I'll know which one is right and that's that.  

Kit, I wouldn't worry too much...when I joined the fandom I called myself a fox. After a few weeks I decided that the fox quite simply wasn't sexy enough for me, so I got a "species change" and became a wolf.

...And a few weeks later I developed an interest in big, sexy, powerful know, leopards, cheetahs, panthers and so on. I'm still a wolf, though.

But no, you're not going crazy, a lot of furs I know have had trouble deciding on a species.


--Baskiero Wolf

You could always just play both, too.
I started out with the character Simba, a lion (of course), back in 1994 when I first got into the fandom, but in 1997 I decided go for something a bit more distinct and reflective of my adoration for both lions and tigers... and came up with the liger character. I put my RL name on him since he's my personal fur, and also for artist copyright reasons.
There's no rule stating that you need to be one or the other, though. I still have furs that only know me as Simba, the lion.

Kitcoon. No, you are not going crazy like the others have stated. I for one have many species within me. Who I am on a particular day/hour really depends on my mood. My main character though is the pegasus. I love horses and I love being able to fly. Though for this pegasus in RL has a terrible fear of heights!  

I did find out through the years playind Kada-Ru on Furry Muck that I did indeed have other personality animals. It was a real shocker to realize that but I am now comfortable with whomever I am at the time.

You will be too and there is nothing wrong with being more than just one fursona.

Good luck in whatever you may be at any given moment!


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