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Do you juggle more than one fursona?

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Before, I used to only stick with a single fursona, a basic housecat, but with blue tiger-ish stripes names Yeashu.  He is fun to eperiment with and fantasize being, but when it came to descriptions, RPing, and the occasional rendition.comission(contact me, Id love to see someone try and draw Yeashu), he was a bit of a burden, since he was a hard one to describe.

As of late, I've been working on another fursona, this one refelcting off my love for cougars.  Just like my "prime" fursona Yeashu, this new cougar forsona(who is names "Bo") is a teenager, but has more of a rebellious aura and look to him, and hes a bit of a loner to most.  He's great to work with so far, and i'm trying to illustrate him(I cant draw for beans).

How about you all?  Someone told me having more than one fursona is a bad thing, but I think its a-ok, as long as you dont overdo it.

EDIT becayse I'm dumb:  I created this new guy for RPing and for arts sake.

i only have one, but there isnt anything wrong with it

I feel that having more than one fursona is your choice, just don't have like 50.....

I'll stick to Manethran though, I already got a good description of him and and a fairly good story line. I do have other characters that I use in my stories, but thats it. I can get confused to easily to juggle more personalities than the ones I have IRL...

I've had a few fursonae over the years, but I tend to stick with Benjamin now as my personal fur.
I've had lion characters, tiger characters, and even the occasional lioness character. A bit of me is in each, but the liger is what I truly represent myself with.

I sorta do a reverse. Which seems common with alot of things that I do. I have only one Fursona, but there are many diffrent variations on that one Fursona. Mostly for Role Playing reasons, but sometimes just for off the wall things.

So far I have the following variations:

Black Star Squadron RPG: This is actually human based, but the same sort of thinking is here

My everyday use one, the one that you see. Which is set in present day.

The Uber Defense fleet commander with telepathic and Telekinetic abilities. Mostly as a show off type thing. -_^

Jadnar Of the Furtopia RPG

And Jadnar Daj of the newest RPG that I am a part of, Dargassian Saga.

I'll probubly have more variations, but That's Jadnar and his schizoid self. ^_^


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