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Ok, over the past few months I have taken notice to how much furries don't like how they are portrayed in the media. Whether it be Mtv or CSI, overall we are portrayed negatively. I have noticed that when anyone ever tries to do a show on furries, they always pick the sexually demented ones. you know, the ones that make it in a fursuit or something like that. they pretty much make it appear as if we are the bad guys.

It's just another form of prejudice, people hating what is different. But I wonder, have any of you tried sending a message to Mtv asking them to appologize for what they had done. I ask this because I feel like need to, but i also feel it is too late seeing how the show aired last year.

So, what have any of you done to help out in the fight against this new form of malice? Have you discussed your views with anyone or have you just pretty much kept to yourself hoping the whole thing will blow over?

As for me, I see myself as a kind of coward. I haven't really done anything to discuss my furriness, but it's only because I despise conflict. It's just one of the many reasons I am a skunk; I hate fighting, I'd just rather let the whole thing blow over or out of proportion, whichever seems to come first.

Hello Skunki!  I only get about 4 tv channels over airwaves, so much of the media crud passes by me unnoticed.  Guess you could say I employ the "ignore it and it'll go away" response.

You have a good idea, tho.  Circulate signed petitions after stuff like MTV and CSI... why not?  A step further would be to bring a libel suit against 'em.  Yet come to think of it, a friend o' mine was in talks with some "Anti-Defamation League" that offers lawyers, PR departments, etc to groups frequently harrassed by media.  Wonder if our fandom as gotten up with them.....

Weiward Wulf

At the main UK furry forum as far as I've found we were discussing whether or not a documentary made by furs about furs might be a viable/good idea. We got into quite a debate about it too!

One of the problems is that in the UK there are only 5 terrestial (as in, free to anyone with a TV and a TV license) channels, and they're all fairly major, so trying to get on one would probably involve either: a) paying lots of money b) the channel giving us money (i.e. convincing a channel that such a show would be interesting to non-furry viewers) or c) Getting a very late-night slot (with the previous two problems, but less significant in this instance).

I don't know, but would it be as difficult as this to do in the US? The other problem we discussed was how to make such a show interesting to non-furries (since we'd be aiming to 'enlighten' those whose opinions of the fandom are rooted in MTV/CSI/etc. We've yet to come up with any solid ideas, but it's always a possibility.

re-edit: url re-added (thanks for clarifying )

Oooh, good idea! Send something straight to the press asking for them to apologize. Might work, dunno.

hehe, you could try, good luck, i dunno if it will work, though *hope hope*


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