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Okay... Here's a question

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Jalex Darnco:
Well... I've been trying to weedle my way back into the furry world and such, but there's one thing that holds me back. What the heck am I? I'm trying to see if I can keep back from the hybrids. Been thinking about being a Felupequine (feline + lupeine + equine). Though..... I want to ask a quesiton..

What sort of animal holds these qualities? I mean Just a plain old animal, no hybrid or anything. I don't know enough to really get a good idea of what would be me. Okay, here goes.....

-Endurence (I can go very long distances if I really wanted)
-Independence (I am very independent, to the point that I am a nation onto myself)
-Arrogent (Very much so, not a shining charateristic, but dat's who I am)
-Tall, thin, but having a bit of a natrual light build.
-Highly adaptable
-Low tolerence of stupidity
-Patience in being able to wait, but non for others. (again arrogence)
-Inability to be able to make decisions with sureity (is that even a word?)
-Quiet, rarely outspoken, not wanting to be the center of attention.
-Neatly dressed, not one to do weird things
-A want for intelligence
-A dream chaser
-Standing in the Box (I'm neither in it or out of it, ya know, thinking out of the box type of thing?)

Those are the sort of things I can think of off the top of me head. If ya need something else you can look at the bottom of this page:

I put this here as it seems to be the best spot. Thanks for your help and all. Or even if you actually read this far.

Sounds like some kind of wild cat to me.

(Normal) Foxies!  ^^

Research these creatures and tell me what you think..


Welcome back to furry.

Jalex Darnco:
Well... Lesse..

The Cat, I've contemplated at long, but I am terribly incapable of drawing cats, I've tried and tried and looked at cats. So Floofy on those things. :/

I'm not too wild bout foxies, no offense or anything. But alot of the foxes I've seen are a tad too quirky.

Now.. for them other suggestions katty...

Unicorn - An intersting concept, though I'm not really intersted in the mystical beasts. I can see those taking on many diffrent forms of thought ans souch.

The Ki-Rin, Chi-Lin I have of similar thought.

Though I did some major investigation into the Thylacine.... And so far, I love it. It is just... wow. I'll do more reasearch into that puppy, er.. marsupial.

Anyways, Thanks Katty. The Thylacine sounds like my best bet so far, has all the qualities I'm looking for thus far. ^.^


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