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Okay people I just got this from the Huston Press..

--- Craig Malisow <>
Hi Chaz,

My name is Craig Malisow, and I'm a reporter with
the Houston Press. Kat gave me your e-mail and
suggested you may be interested in speaking to me
for a story I'd like to write about furries in the
Houston area. If you have time, could you please
reply to this e-mail or call me at (713) 280-2481?



I have checked it out and he is for real. But I am not going to talk with him.. Anyone else want too ?

Edit to add -- He is looking for fursuiters in the Huston Area..


I got pretty much the same thing a few days ago. He seems pretty determined.
Quote Benjamin,

My name is Craig Malisow, and I'm a reporter for the Houston Press, an alternative weekly newspaper. I'm very interested in finding out more of the Houston furry community. Yesterday, I posted some messages on several Texas furry websites, only to discover that I sent every fur in Texas into shock. Apparently, furs have been badly burned by the media in the past, and they're understandably suspicious of why I suddenly appeared.

I didn't want to make the same mistake twice and send out a bunch of e-mails on your site. Instead, I was hoping we could chat and see if there's a way you could check with Houston-area furs to see if they'd be interested in speaking with me for a story. I don't have any angle, other than to accurately portray who furries are, the origins of the furry world, and what and why you do what you do. I'm not out to poke fun or condemn. I'm just curious, and I think this story could be a good chance for those who have been burned to set the record straight.

If this sounds good to you, could you please e-mail me or call me at work at (713) 280-2481 or at home, (713) 527-0413?

I don't know anyone in that area that I'd want to send him to, so I told him I can't really help him out on it.
Furry fans have been told by the media before that they're trying to do well through their article, but that's a line of BS more often than not.

River Ceed:

You guys are somewhat confusing.  After seeing how you want the world to begin to percieve furries in a more accepted way and want some of the more negative public views concerning furries to be dispelled or cleared up, I would think you would jump at the chance to be interviewed and have your words put into print for others to see.

   Sure... media people always put their own spin on something.  But the fact that they are asking for an interview means it isn't an editorial piece....meaning in the journalism world that they were told to go get quotes for the article.  So the article will not be ONLY their opinion... your words would be added.

   Which translates into you having the chance to speak your mind.  All you would have to do is make sure you watched what you said for answers and make sure ALL your answers have a positive spin on the aspects of furries you want noticed.   Simply play dumb about any question, or part there in, you think would direct you in a negative way publically.  Politician do it.  Public speakers do it too.  Need an example?

   Reporter: "I have heard that conventions are nothing but a hotel rented out for a brothel of mascot suit wearing sexual deviants.  Can you tell me anything about that?"

   Furrie brave enough to take the interview: "The conventions I have been to, in (mention state/convention name here for added publicity plug), have had a variety of things to do, like art displays, movies, games, merchandise purchasing.  I have never seen anything regarding sex advertised on convention literature or witnessed activites like what you described at conventions."

See? That answer got a convention advertised, explained positive aspects of the gathering, and promoted the idea that furries aren't all about sex.   And if the reporter is especially tenacious in trying to put that spin on things you might get another nudge such as this:

     Reporter:  "You mean to say that EVERYTHING seen in the news regarding the sexual deviency revolving around furs is a myth or falsehood?"

    Brave furrie:  "Sexual deviancy is something found in small pockets of people in all walks of life and in all sectors of society.  Just because one senator is convicted of sex crimes or sexual lewdness and makes the front page of a paper does not mean that ALL senators are engaging in that type of thing does it? *laughs*  And if it does, then I suggest you focus your questions to that group as it would be more deviant then the furry fandom.  To answer your question more directly, no sexual deviancy is not a requirement for being a furry, nor is it the norm as my experiences with meeting furs has been."

See? there are always ways to field questions in your favor when being interviewed.  If you guys are serious about wanting the public to look at furries in a kinder light and be less prejudiced towards them, then you have to jump at the opportunities like interviews.  But if you guys are only all talk when it comes to how the fandom could be better recieved in the public eye, then by all means, keep passing the buck.  Talk accomplishes nothing, action does the hard stuff.


The main problem, River is that the reporters are out for a story. Not the truth. It has happened time after time that a fur gives a report like you state but it won't sell so the reporters are told to 'find' someone that will be speaking with them what THEY want to hear so they can sell their wares.

Most of the fandam has realized this and won't speak because either their words get turned around or left out completely.

That is also why reporters have been banned from conventions. They don't want to write about the truth, just the smutty degrading stuff.

Since you have such a way with words, you want to talk to the reporter, River? I have told you before I like how you speak on here and since no one else is willing to speak to the reporter, you want to take a crack at it? Put a good spin on the fandom?

It could be a real experience.

I don't mind being interviewed, myself, but I don't want to have the responsibility of sending the media folks to other furs if they're looking for more localised individuals. If they don't want to be interviewed, I don't want to try to influence them to change their minds.


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