Author Topic: What does your Fursona mean?  (Read 27973 times)

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Re: What does your Fursona mean?
« Reply #100 on: November 02, 2011, 01:12:18 am »
my Fursona has a very deep and special meaning to me. i'll see if i can explain it.

i'm a DracoPhoenix. part Dragon. part Phoenix.

the phoenix part of me is very much a personal thing. i have suffered several forms of 'death'. at age 12 i was in rather nasty accident. stuck my left foot through the front wheel of my tenspeed going down hill. woke up with lots of bood around me, a lump on my head and glass from my glasses imbedded in the bone around my right eye by my eye brow. at age 21 i suffered a sever nervous breakdown. the person that i was 'died'. radical personality shift and all. through it all i have managed to keep a few grounding points about myself. physical objects that help me remember times and places. when i want to forget something, i loose the object(s) associated with that event/time.

the draconic apsect of me is a whole different part of me. i'm gruff. i growl at people when angry. i've made windows rattle when i roar. i hoard objects that are precious to me, even sleep with them at times. when i dislike someone, i stare at them until they avoid me, or do anything they can to no meet my gaze. i've been known to hiss, but this is something i seldom do.. i like my silence. i have the tendancy to be far to quiet for my own good.

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Re: What does your Fursona mean?
« Reply #101 on: November 05, 2011, 02:44:09 am »
The phoenix part stemmed from a long-term love of fire. I have found it endlessly entertaining, and talk to it as though it's a living being. I'm more than aware it's not, but I still talk to it at the risk of being labeled insane. Or lonely.

The tiger is more a self-image; Although I do fit quite a few traits, like being able to blend in quite well in nature.

My fursona's personality is mine, albeit a bit more detached from reality and carefree. I am more happy than I let on.
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